Patrizia Reggiani Daughters: Where Are Alessandra and Allegra Gucci Now?

Patrizia Reggiani Daughters: Where Are Alessandra and Allegra Gucci Now?

He was endured by his wife, Patrizia Reggiani, and also their 2 daughters, Alessandra as well as Allegra Gucci. When Patrizia was located guilty of instigating the murder of her husband, their daughters, Alessandra as well as Allegra, were placed in a precarious setting.

That Are Patrizia Reggiani’s Daughters?

Patrizia and Maurizio got married in early 1970s. In the occurring years, the couple had 2 daughters, Alessandra and also Allegra. The marital relationship, though, went sour quickly, and Maurizio got involved with a more youthful woman. The couple officially divorced around 20 years after their marital relationship in the 90s. A couple of years prior to the murder, Patrizia uncovered that she had a mind growth. She even needed to undertake a fragile procedure, and also her daughters never ever left her side at that time.

Alessandra and Allegra were very close to their mother throughout their childhood years. The girls also lived with her for two years after the murder of their father. Alessandra was 18 and also Allegra was 14 when Maurizio was assassinated. Two years later on, when Patrizia was detained for her role in the slayings, their daughters found themselves without moms and dads.

Where Are Patrizia Reggiani’s Daughters Now?

Also after their mom’s apprehension, the daughters tried to support her by claiming that her mind lump was accountable for making her devote such a dreadful criminal activity. The daughters had such a strong belief in their mommy’s innocence that the younger Allegra studied legislation at Milan university to aid with her mommy’s situation. Both Alessandra and also Allegra advocated a retrial declaring that the mind lump had actually impacted her capacity to reason, and also Patrizia was not in command of her mental professors at the time of the murder.

Gradually, however, both daughter’s partnership with their mother got strained. In 2014, Alessandra and also Allegra encountered tax obligation evasion complaints, yet they were later acquitted of the charges. The siblings select to lead a private life, and in 2016, it was reported that the daughters were both married and had kids. They additionally acquired the Gucci family members’s 3 homes and their yacht and were apparently living in Switzerland.

After Patrizia’s release in 2017, her daughters attempted to legally prevent her from accessing the annuity that Maurizio had promised, however fruitless. After this decision, the daughters seemingly removed connections with their mom, who claimed, “They do not comprehend me and also have actually cut off my financial backing. I have nothing, and also I have not also fulfilled my two grandsons.”

Allegra has actually kept her papa’s memory alive by racing his boats and, in a meeting with Classic Boat, said, “My father would be so pleased to see the boats now and also how his philosophy of them is continuing.” On the other hand, Alessandra followed her family members’s footsteps and also has been doing superior work in the garment industry. Both sis have remained solid in the face of individual catastrophe as well as have made substantial strides in their lives. We hope that success never avoids them.

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