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Penn Badgley: This is what the actor who played Dan Humphrey in the series Gossip Girl looks like now

Penn is a pretty weird name, so how did Penn Badgley get his name? Surprisingly, he was named after him from a tennis ball. In a 2008 GQ profile of the actor, writer Sarah Goldstein noted that Badgley was “named for the Penn tennis balls his dad nervously squeezed during his mom’s first ultrasound.” The subject also came up in an interview, Badgley delved into the history of the tennis ball, saying, “I was, I think, the size of a tennis ball. That’s what my mom told my dad, [who was ] bouncing a tennis ball, and that’s how it happened.

Penn Badgley may have become famous for playing a high schooler on “Gossip Girl ,” but he didn’t exactly have a normal high school experience himself. In fact, he finished high school when most kids are still in middle school, at age 13. Badgley has spoken about finishing high school at such a young age. He said: “I graduated when I was 13 years old. It was really just to avoid the on-set tutor thing. I was taking community college courses when he wasn’t working, so he would spend six months working and six months going to school.”

What a lot of people may not know while watching Penn Badgley on “Gossip Girl” or “You” is that Badgley is also a musician . He even released an album titled “Centerfold” with his band, MOTHXR, in 2016. His musical leanings may not be well known, but music is incredibly important to Badgley, once even saying music was “more important.” for him to act. Badgley said, “I’ve always been into music. Actually, it’s always been more important to me than acting.”

At 36, Penn Badgley shows himself to be bearded, more mature and following his histrionic vocation

On “Gossip Girl,” Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen always find a way to get back together, regardless of all the shady things Dan does to her as the sneaky, rumor-spreading Gossip Girl. By the end of the series, the two are married and are supposed to embark on their happily ever after. However, in the real world, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively did not experience the same result. The two co-stars dated for two and a half years before calling it quits in 2010 while the show was still in production, according to Elle.

As a platform, TikTok is recognized as the place where people can film themselves singing and dancing to popular songs in an entertaining way. However, no one had Penn Badgley  showing off Taylor Swift moves or Meghan Trainor clues on his annual bingo card, we can now see him looking more mature but always fun on said platform . It’s certainly a major shift for the actor, especially after his comments about social media a year earlier, Badgley admitted he wasn’t the biggest fan of social media and refrained from using it over the years. years. He maybe he hadn’t discovered his spirit animal, TikTok, when he uttered those words back then.


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