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Penny Waldroup: Where is Brad Waldroup’s Ex-Wife & Survivor Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘No One Can Hear You Scream: Murder on Kimsey Mountain’ narrates the awful story of Penny Waldroup who was seriously hurt as well as practically eliminated by her separated hubby in Polk County, Tennessee, in October 2006. Who is Penny, as well as where is she now?

Who is Penny Waldroup?

Penny Waldroup and Davis Bradley “Brad” Waldroup had actually been wed for several years. Penny took her best close friend, Leslie Bradshaw, with her while taking the kids to Brad’s location. As a cautionary step, Penny had advised one of her next-door neighbors to call the cops if both of them did not return by 7:30 pm.

After leaving the youngsters and also their possessions, Penny attempted to leave yet was quit by Brad, who threw away the van tricks. Brad went on to fire Leslie 8 times with his rifle as Penny managed to get away.

Penny was fired in the back by Brad that caught up with her and aimed his gun at her head. She handled to disarm him, after which he drew out a pocketknife and cut her severely. Penny prospered in getting rid of the blade as well as attempted to compete her life but was struck in the head with a square shovel by Brad. He pulled her close to Leslie’s body and also began striking them with a machete as well as kicking them. In course of the assault, Penny shed her pinkie finger on her left hand.

Brad after that required Penny right into the trailer and also asked her to bid farewell to her kids as they might not see her once more. He after that attempted to compel himself on her but was interrupted by cops getting to the scene. Brad was arrested, and also he properly lead the policeman to Leslie’s body while Penny was airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center for emergency treatment. She needed to remain there for at the very least two weeks before she recouped from her nearly fatal injuries and a big amount of blood loss.

Where is Penny Waldroup Today?

Brad Waldroup was arraigned by a court on fees of voluntary homicide and tried second-degree murder in addition to exacerbated kidnapping and also specifically exacerbated kidnapping in August 2008. The district attorney had actually charged him with felony murder and also attempted first-degree murder, however he was founded guilty of the lower matters because of the testament of a forensic psychiatrist and also his recently released research study.

Penny continues to stay in Tennessee as well as testified in court versus Brad that obtained sentenced to 32 years behind bars in May 2009. She is fairly active on social media sites, where she voices her viewpoint on domestic abuse in the state of Tennessee and supporters for the civil liberties of residential abuse survivors. In her downtime, Penny likes to hang around outdoors hiking in the mountains as well as natural routes.

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