Pokemon 2019 Episode 82: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap


The Aokatsu adventures begin with Pokemon 2019 Episode 82, with Koharu and Eviee heading home after school. Goh and Satoshi arrive, telling Koharu to stop a Pokemon that looks like a balloon. Goh used a pokeball and managed to capture that Pokemon. Bibirimadama’s data gets added to the Index after capturing it. Pokemon 2019 continues to reveal Goh and Satoshi’s journey. From the latest Pokemon 2019 Episode, the crew is glad that they have caught a new Pokemon. Goh shows Koharu how Bibiridama works, but a guy who likes blue touched and exploded and blasted them.

Goh warns that guy never to touch Bibiridama, and the guy reveals that he is a Blue Pokemaniac from Kalos. Abel reveals that he is visiting Kanto to enjoy seeing blue Pokemon. Goh notices that Abel has blue Pokemon and finds that it is Futachimaru: Disciple Pokemon-Water Type. Abel told them that meeting with him was a fate, and they could try Aokatsu with him. Koharu can’t believe that she has to join them since Eviee insists. The Team Rocket is bored roaming around the town and realizes that they are penniless. They notice the brat boys, and Nyarth confirms that it is them.

Abel is leading Goh, Satoshi, and Koharu to their next adventures. Koharu notices that Abel has a busy schedule, and they have to do all that stuff with him. Abel comments that he is starting with the Blue Poke Photo Exhibition since it is a must-see for Blue Pokemaniacs. Team Rocket heard that, and they are interested in Abel’s idea. They both arrive and enjoy having fun inside the museum. Abel told them that encounters like these are once-in-a-lifetime. He explained about different blue Pokemons and how they are exciting.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 81

Abel told the team how he met with different blue Pokemon and took care of them. Oshamari is the reason Abel he wholeheartedly accepts the loving dance she performs each day. Abel’s rival arrives, and Abel realizes this guy is here to compete. Brutas loves blue, dark Pokemon, and Abel prefers light blue Pokemon. Abel thinks his Pokemon is better and Brutas also feels the same. Brutas walks with Nyaoniyx Constaint Pokemon Psychic-type. Brutas explains his story about Oshamari and reveals that he saved Oshamari since a barbaric took her home.

Abel thinks that Brutas is lying about his story, and he tells him to stop. Team Rocket arrives wearing a blue disguise and steal Bruta and Abels’s hearts. The two think that this is the best adventure they ever had in life since everything is blue. Thye suggests taking a commemorative photo with their Sonansu. Team Rocket’s blue ran away, and Abel thinks that it is Brutas fault that blue ran away. Brutas saw Bibiribi and touched, and another blast occurred. The crew escaped, and Abel told Goh and Satoshi that they had to stay away from Brutas. Abel decided that they had to lock Brutas inside the restroom and continue to enjoy Aokatsu.

Team Rocket came with another strategy since the first one failed. Team Abel arrived at another destination and decided to have a meal. Abel is glad that a Blue Pokemaniac bartender is running a collab cafe. They enjoy it since Abel is showing them new things. They enjoy eating different blue snacks. But they are surprised to see Brutas enjoying the same stuff with them. Team Rocket arrives to steal Pokemon. Pikachu sent them flying using 100000 Volts. They celebrate their victory by eating Marbled Candy.

Pokemon 2019

Still from Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019 Episode 82 Release Date

Pokemon Episode 82 will be released on 1 October 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. The anime has delayed the release of this coming episode late. Let’s look at the Pokemon 2019 Episode 82 preview and other official updates below.

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Where To Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 82

You can watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 82 online on Netflix. The adventure of Goh and Satoshi continues in the upcoming episode of Pokemon 2019. The next delayed episode will arrive soon since the anime is taking a break.

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