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Rachel Cherwitz: Where is OneTaste Ex-Sales Head Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste’ diving deep right into the fluctuate of a sex-related health firm unlike any other, we obtain a real understanding right into the dark side of human desires. This docudrama highlights not simply the efforts of the company’s top execs to assist it grow but additionally their affirmed depraved abuse of participants, staff members, as well as customers alike. Now if you want to find out more regarding one such private, Head of Sales Rachel Cherwitz, along with her very own personal experiences as well as present standing, we’ve got the information for you.

That is Rachel Cherwitz?

Rachel’s early life was not extremely comfy, delighted, or even steady owing to serious misuse, as indicated in the initial production, sadly driving her down the course of sheer alcoholism as well as anorexia nervosa. In search of her identification, she hence moved to Israel and also ended up being an ultra-Orthodox Jew for almost two years, starting in the very early 2000s, only to actually discover the very same in OneTaste upon her return. That’s because the women sexuality-driven firm straight affected her confidence in a favorable manner by offering her “deep physical accessibility to the lady I am and the woman I want to be.”

This feeling of integrity obviously attracted Rachel even more right into OneTaste, where she at some point evolved right into a teacher of Orgasmic Meditation (merely OM) before landing the title of Head of Sales. She hence apparently used sensualism training programs across a few states (either in individual or using satellite) while also hiring customers as well as members through her undeniable charm. She allegedly also used this position of power to instill fear in others and then pushed them to engage in sexual conduct with different individuals, whether colleagues, managers, or clients.

Where is Rachel Cherwitz Now?

From what we can tell, Rachel Cherwitz willingly resigned from her position at OneTaste around May 2018, when reporters seriously began questioning them regarding their dubious sales practices. We can not ignore that many former staffers claim the top sales executives often referred to themselves as “lions,” “tigers,” or “fluffers,” while deeming clients as their “marks.”.

Concerning Rachel’s location, she presently does not have an active visibility on any kind of social media or online platform, suggesting she’s purposely keeping a low profile. Apart from the fact she seems to be based in San Francisco, California, at the moment, we unfortunately do not know anything about her recent personal or professional status.

Though we should mention that the when teacher/addiction counselor, together with Founder Nicole and also OneTaste Inc. itself, is part of a defamation suit submitted against BBC in late 2021. This instance really stems from a Radio 4 ten-part podcast labelled ‘The Orgasm Cult’ declaring both ladies unabashedly ran a “damaging climax cult” that caused “abuse, isolation, and debt” for several of its members throughout the years. An interim hearing for it was held in the summertime of 2022, yet the outcome of it continues to be vague.

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