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Rachel Owens: Where is Attempted Murder Survivor Now?

One evening in late 2014, a number of gunfires rang out at a residential community in Saco, Maine, complied with by a hopeless 911 phone call from somebody hurt in the shooting. The authorities hurried there to discover a bloody scene and also 2 people harmed, among them being Rachel Owens. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Intruder’ focuses on the stunning tale of the secret double life that Rachel’s partner led, ending with him trying to eliminate her. Allow’s find out even more regarding Rachel then, shall we?

What Happened to Rachel Owens?

Rachel Owens coped with her spouse, Gregory Owens, in Londonderry, New Hampshire. She had been detected with dementia as well as had wellness issues due to that. So, on December 15, 2014, her buddy Carol Chabot visited to pick her up for a short stay at her area. Rachel took a trip to Saco, Maine, to spend time with Carol and also her partner, Steve. However simply days later on, a dreadful incident changed all their lives forever.

He claimed that his partner Carol, Rachel, as well as himself were fired as well as asked the authorities to hurry. Steve was shot thrice, and Rachel was fired at four times, being struck thrice. Rachel was hurried to the health center and also was in critical condition; the medical professionals initially really did not assume she would make it out alive.

Regardless of the bullet still in her head as well as suffering brain damage, Rachel made it. As per the program, Rachel talked regarding hanging out with the Chabots prior to going to bed. The authorities after that accumulated shell cases as well as some other evidence from the scene as well as later on spoke to Greg, that was at house in Londonderry.

The hubby, a former Army male, appeared troubled upon learning what occurred to Rachel and also claimed to have gone to residence all night working. The investigation after that disclosed that Greg had been living a double life for several years and also had an event with Betsy Wandtke, a lady from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In the time leading up to the capturing, Betsy heard a discussion on the phone as well as thought Greg wasn’t going to divorce Rachel as he promised, causing a conflict.

The previously mentioned exploration led the cops to assume Greg had the motive and indicates to commit the crime. While Greg declared his innocence, the authorities remained to locate evidence that linked him to the assault. Aside from DNA proof from the scene that matched him, they recovered the same bullets utilized in the criminal activity from Greg’s house. Combined with various other inconclusive evidence and also Greg’s secret life, it really did not take a court long to locate him guilty of the attempted murder. Therefore, Greg Owens was sent away to jail for life.

Where is Rachel Owens Today?

Rachel Owens had a lengthy roadway to recuperation after the surgical procedure and was capably helped by her child, Wayne Owens, who stayed by her side throughout. She indicated at Greg’s trial in February 2016. Rachel discussed exactly how she had difficulty doing also mundane things like opening an envelope or a bottle and also requiring help for the most part. After the case, for concerning four years, Rachel moved in with Wayne as well as his family members in Rhode Island and additionally coped with her sibling for a while.

Nevertheless, with time, the family recognized that Rachel required substantial treatment as well as assistance, which wouldn’t have actually been feasible in the house. In May 2018, she was positioned in an assisted living treatment center with specialists dealing with her requirements constantly. According to the household, Rachel’s doing fairly well, appreciating her time with the community there. Despite whatever that she had actually been via, Rachel has remained positive and eagerly anticipated living her life and also spending quality time with her grandchildren. For now, it looks like Rachel still lives at a care center somewhere in Rhode Island, with regular check outs from family members.

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