Raven Abaroa: Where is Janet’s Husband Now? Is He Still in Jail?

Raven Abaroa: Where is Janet's Husband Now? Is He Still in Jail?

ABC’ 20/20 ′ explores the 2005 murder case of Janet Abaroa, to locate scattered pieces of proof, that maybe currently existed also before the situation saw its outcome. What the general public most likely did not expect was Raven Abaroa’s participation in her murder.

Who is Raven Abaroa?

Raven Abaroa is from a Mormon household and met Janet at Southern Virginia University. As it transforms out, Raven Abaroa asked Janet for a divorce asserting that he had actually been cheating on her. Janet had actually additionally expressed her issues with her household, in which she specified that she did not want to raise their child as a solitary mom.

Regardless, the couple soon had their boy, Kaiden. Around this time around, Raven was caught swiping merchandise from their office, after which he begged guilty. He really did not have to serve any jail time, Janet was also humiliated to proceed working in the business and stop. In 2005, Raven put a 911 call telling the operator that his better half was shot to fatality. However, the authorities soon learnt that Janet was stabbed to death. In Abaroa’s interview in 2007, he said: “I was not entailed with the fatality of my better half, and I really did not kill my spouse.” This desired there were tales regarding him having potentially killed Janet.

Something Was Not Right

Quickly after Janet Abaroa’s death, Raven moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, along with Kaiden. Pond, at the time, felt that Abaroa was a genuine guy as well as determined to wed him. She confronted him about his other half’s death and other accusations as well as cautions made by Janet’s siblings, Raven comforted her right into believing that his spouse’s death was not his fault.

In 2010, Abaroa was arrested based on the brand-new evidence discovered by Charles Sole, that was leading the examination then. Investigative Sole figured out that Janet’s call lens instance looked vacant as he was reviewing photos of the criminal activity scene. Upon speaking to Janet’s family members, he learnt that Janet was very precise concerning eliminating them prior to going to bed. Hence, her body was exhumed, and also it was located that she was using her lenses at the time of her death.

After comprehensive study by Dr. Charles Zwerling, utilizing pigs using lenses and being hidden, it was located that the lens would mature the same way as Janet’s did. He claimed: “I used a lens cap, which is done at your funeral chapel. I utilized the exact same solutions– even the exact same linen. And also I obtained these little coffins, these wood boxes. And I placed the pig eyes in them and buried them in fact in my yard. … And after that after six months, I exhumed the initial box, etc.”

Where is Raven Abaroa Now?

In 2013, Abaroa was attempted in court, but a court of 11-1 on a guilty decision, made the judge declare it as a mistrial. In 2014, for the 2nd hearing of the situation, Abaroa filed a plea for volunteer manslaughter.

Raven Abaroa: was released from prison on 25 December 2017. Abaroa, who is now 40, is presumed to reside in Utah. His kid, Kaiden, copes with Janet’s parents now. There are still lots of who hypothesize if he was actually guilty. (Attribute Picture Debt: ABC Information).

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