RE-MAIN Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview


The rival between Water Polo players begins with RE-MAIN Episode 11, with Minato challenge Momo to prove who is the best Water Polo. RE-MAIN reveals Minato’s life and other Water Polo as they work hard to win the first trophy. From the latest RE-MAIN Episode, Minato went through challenging training with his team and realizes they are left thirty days before the Water Polo tournament begins. He enjoyed eating with his family, but his sister talked about the upcoming game. Minato told her not to come since they might lose. Minato’s father reminds him that game is about losing and winning.

Minato asks them if they like it when he plays Water Polo, and his mother replies yes. He reminds them about the accident and that they feel guilty that he met with an accident. Minato’s father noticed Minato had changed ever since he regained his memories and became hotheaded. His mother told him that she was sorry about the accident, but that is not why she wanted him to play. But she wants him to do what he loves, and it is her only wish. Minato replies that he wants to show Shogaku who is the boss.

The next day, they went to training, and Jojima was glad to participate in their first official match. Minato told the team that they will changes things, and they would train the way he wanted. The team gets surprised, and Minato adds that the captain will do keeper practice, and the other will practice swimming. He reminds them that they play twice at the prefectural and wonders if they have stamina. The defenders will practice hand-ups to get used to raising their hands when they defend.

Previously on RE-MAIN Episode 10

Minato decided to do his training and told the team to explain later since his body wouldn’t move how he wanted. Eijiro is fed up with Minato’s tactics and gives him a fitting reply. Minato reminds Eijiro that he has knowledge and talent, and he has to give advice. Eijiro comments that he is captain and Minato must show respect. Minato replies that they are of the same age, but it is okay if Eijiro is not treating him like an elder. Minato adds that their strategy will revolve around him. Eijiro replies that the game plan is for them to keep on scoring.



Eijiro asks Shugo if he is okay with Minato’s strategy, and Shugo replies that he doesn’t care as long as they win. Jojima told them to try it since their endurance is lacking, and they must have a plan. They both begin to try all the tactics, and Eitaro notice that Minato is testing out the limits of his body. Eitaro realizes that during Minato’s prime, Minato used his height as a weapon. Minato was unstoppable, and he used to score incredible goals. Eitaro thinks that they will see the old Minato during the match.

Eijiro decided to keep up and realized that he has been training hard to get at this point. Eijiro admits that they used to bench him when he played baseball, and the coach used to tell him that they were better players than him. But now he wants to change from that benched player to an active one. Eijiro vow that he will play like a star to prove that he got talent. Eitaro observes Minato’s training and analyzes it. Chinu also joined the girls’ team, and her friend told her to talk with the first team since they were slacking.

RE-MAIN Episode 11 Release Date

RE-MAIN-Episode 11 will be released on 26 September 2021, at 1:30 AM. This coming week we will be completing the final episode of RE-MAIN. Let’s look at the RE-MAIN details below.



Where To Watch RE-MAIN Episode 11

You can watch RE-MAIN Episode 11 online on Funimation and ANIPLUS. The episode finale will reveal the victor between the Water Polo rivals since the tournament will begin. The next episode of RE-MAIN will be the final one of this season, and the series is available online for anime rewatching.

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