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Reaction as Regina Daniel sprays driver on motion

By Ekaete Bassey

Social media users have reacted grossly to a viral video of actress Regina Daniel spraying her driver money while on motion.

The viral video of the young billionaire’s wife recently surfaced on the internet and did not sit well with most social media users.

The mother of one was seen in the video standing in an exotic with the roof opened and her body sticking out as she danced to loud music.

Regina Daniels held a couple N200 mints and at a point she screamed:“ Let me spray my driver money.”

The Nollywood actress got into the act of spraying her driver while the wind kept blowing the notes to different directions.

Reacting to the video, most social media users termed the film star’s act as irresponsible and reckless as such could pose as a huge distraction and risk to anyone while driving.

Others have said it is her life and money so she can do whatever and how she pleases.

otideb said: “Reckless behaviour … distracting a driver while he is driving …. If anything goes wrong poor driver will be blamed.”

giddybragado wrote: “You want him to loose concentration? this is very risky o …..imagine say the guy na Igbo man ….”

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chinnysblogofficial stated: “This gal no get sense,what if the money blocks the driver eye? Mtcheww.”

iceydee6 said: “Make money no go let driver lose control o.”

mshufoma wrote: “Reckless behaviour…. Nonsense.”

igd_carplug stated: “If driver lose focus now , get accident . Una go de blame am.”

adaora_ogbata said: “Cruise baby…this life na one ooo.”

viva_hair_mall wrote: “Abeg cruise is needed.. Nigeria get as e be.”

amahnesii stated: “No slander will be accepted here .. she is just displaying her age, let her be free.”

realucheebere said: “Money and power are like siblings, they intoxicates, and remove your sense of reasoning.”

officialkubani wrote: “Abeg regina enjoy ooh because problem nor Dey finish .”

mcndfunny stated: “Arrant nonsense…… distracting a driver on a high way.”

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