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Rebekah Robertson: Where is Georgie Stone’s Mom Now?

As a short documentary that genuinely lives up to its title, Netflix’s ‘The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone’ can only be described as equal parts grasping, informing, heartening, as well as motivating. That’s because it carefully integrates video spanning the first 19 years of Georgie Stone’s life to thoroughly explore her complex journey from child to teen activist to an actress. For now, if you want to find out even more about the titular trans youngster’s steadily encouraging mother, Rebekah Sarah Robertson– with a details focus on her current standing– we have got you covered.

That is Rebekah Robertson?

Although born in England on July 4, 1967, Rebekah Sarah Robertson in fact grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, together with her 4 sis prior to at some point moving to Melbourne, Australia, around the mid-1990s. The reality is she ‘d currently established herself as a starlet by this factor, particularly with functions in a few tv programs and noticeable functions in a number of theatre plays starting from 1988. As a result, it was no surprise that she was able to quickly develop an occupation Down Under as well, simply to after that fulfill fellow star Greg Stone throughout a 1995 ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ stage production.

Rebekah as well as Greg soon fell in love, connected the knot, as well as welcomed an adorable collection of twins right into their lives (in May 2000; both assigned young boys at birth), only for things to shift a little as the years passed. “It was so lonely,” she proceeded.

Rebekah did her best to help her daughter in every way you can possibly imagine, starting with comprehending her scenario, backing her up at every given moment, and getting her specific care. Then, whether it be experiencing the Family Court to make sure Georgie obtains authorization for the needed hormone therapies or challenging the regulations that push this path, she did it all. Rebekah essentially showed Georgie not to make herself smaller for anyone, which the latter admits conserved her life. “Having Mum on my side was everything,” Georgie stated in the same interview. “I would not be alive without her.”

Where is Rebekah Robertson Today?

To now, Rebekah Robertson vehemently maintains she will “never ever have Georgie in a position where she’s expected to abandon herself for the benefit or convenience of any type of system, any company, any type of government.” This belief seemingly extends to her son/Georgie’s twin Harry and every other kid of this world also, yet she’s an advocate for trans, gender-diverse, and non-binary youngsters, particularly. Simply put, Victoria-based Rebekah is now an actress, a writer, as well as an energetic lobbyist.

It was back in 2012 that Rebekah established Transcend as a parent-led peer support group, but today it has actually advanced right into a non-profit organization helping the betterment of those like her child. This charity institution companions with several neighborhood organizations to promote programs that help trans, gender-diverse, as well as non-binary children reach their complete possibility while accepting them as they are.

We ought to state the voice musician, in addition to the 2019 Straight Ally of the Year (by GLOBE Community Awards), has additionally penned a memoir based on all these experiences. ‘About a Girl: A Mother’s Powerful Story of Raising Her Transgender Child’ was initially published in September 2019, and also it continues to be one of Rebekah’s most noteworthy materialistic achievements. On the personal front, she and also Greg divided almost a years earlier, yet they still share an amicable relationship.

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