Rebelde Season 2 Ending and Explained: Who Wins the Music Competition?

Rebelde Season 2 Ending and Explained: Who Wins the Music Competition?

The second season of Netflix’s Mexican Spanish-language teen program ‘Rebelde’ follows the lives of the pupils of Elite Way School (EWS), after the 2021 version of The Battle of the Bands. A well known music manufacturer called Gus Bauman comes to be the brand-new supervisor of the respected MEP program at EWS. Bauman puts an end to The Battle of the Bands as well as develops a brand-new solo artist competition.

Bauman’s arrival at the college transforms the lives of the participants of Without Name. Given that the season ends with specific uncertain advancements, we have tried to decipher the very same for our viewers.

Rebelde Season 2 Recap

‘Rebelde’ season 2 starts with Gus Bauman taking charge of EWS’ MEP program. After terminating The Battle of the Bands competition, he introduces a brand-new music competition for solo musicians. Bauman presents numerous new assignments for the pupils to fulfill.

He also strikes a secret offer with Bauman and starts to enhance the availability of drugs on the college premises. When she overdoses, Celina Ferrer obtains terminated, which leads to Bauman’s regime of the school as the brand-new principal. Estebán Torres AKA Estebán Colucci fights with his best good friend Dixon since the previous follows Bauman’s words to end up being the champion of the music competition.

Sebas dates María José Sevilla AKA MJ without understanding about the latter’s complex friendship with Dixon. He damages up with her despite her being fretted regarding obtaining expecting with his child when he comes to understand that MJ and also Dixon had actually kissed. She takes a morning-after pill with the assistance of Jana Gandía Cohen. Jana and also Dixon enter a cars and truck mishap. After getting released from the health center, Dixon confronts Bauman and also requires an opportunity to execute at the finale of the music competition. In return for the opportunity, Dixon provides to leave the college if he doesn’t win the competition.

Luka as well as Okane discover out that Bauman had been the reason behind his client Freddy’s medicine addiction, which led the vocalist to self-destruction. While the ending of the music competition occurs, Luka confronts Bauman and demands to ensure his stay at EWS as his daddy Marcelo Colucci prepares his admission to an army institution in Texas.

Rebelde Season 2 Ending: Who Wins the Music Competition? That Represents EWS at Trend-Z Awards?

When Gus Bauman uses to release the profession of a solo artist, the students of EWS’ MEP program try their best to perfect their private capacities. For Estebán, an agreement with Bauman’s GB Records will help him become monetarily steady and also independent. Sebas needs the contract to not waste his interest in a business college and also Dixon requires the win to make a statement against Bauman’s tyranny.

Nevertheless, the winner of the competition is chosen not as per the talent of the participant yet according to Bauman’s choice. Dixon performs better than any kind of other entrant, Bauman selects to overlook him because Dixon earnings a war against him through his music. Awarding Dixon his own company’s contract is nothing but a defeat for Bauman and also he does not intend to purposefully make himself a joke before his pupils. On top of that, Dixon’s failure is additionally a way for Bauman to make sure the transfer of one of his greatest problems.

Bauman should have known that the future head of state of Mexico wants her son in a business school rather than ending up being a singer, which might have led him to not stand in the means of her wish. Introducing Marcelo’s son is Bauman’s best bet, especially taking into consideration the favors he can gather from Estebán’s father.

Why Does Okane Get Arrested? Exactly How Does Estebán Get Released From Police Custody?

When Estebán understands that Bauman is nothing but a killer, having caused Freddy’s murder and also among his buddies Luka’s near-death experience, he determines versus performing at Trend-Z Awards and exposes that Bauman is a killer on stage. He additionally tries to conserve Okane from Bauman yet unintentionally creates Bauman’s fatality. The cops reach the scene and also arrest Estebán. Nonetheless, Estebán comes to be a free guy by the time the graduation event happens for his senior citizens. We get to see him among his close friends, talking with Jana. Furthermore, the authorities get to the institution as well as arrest Okane for murdering Bauman.

Estebán’s launch from police wardship and Okane’s arrest are Marcelo’s doing. When Luka becomes a helpless case completely, Marcelo recognizes that he requires a person enthusiastic sufficient to adhere to in his footsteps as a Colucci, making him recognize Estebán as his boy.

Since Bauman is an extremely prominent figure in the music market as well as his death occurs under mysterious circumstances, he can not anticipate Estebán to stroll away from the instance without more noise. Okane’s arrest can be a diversion he has actually planned so that Estebán’s launch from cops guardianship will certainly not get inspected further, particularly when he is presented to the public as a Colucci.

Using his influence, Marcelo might assist Okane to obtain released from cops protection. Since there can be security video of Bauman assaulting Okane, Marcelo may succeed in creating a story that Okane inadvertently eliminated Bauman while protecting himself.

Do Luka as well as Okane End Up Together?

Yes, Luka as well as Okane wind up together. After a struggling start, Luka as well as Okane succeed in nurturing an endearing partnership. When Marcelo determines to send out Luka to a military school in Texas, Okane even imagines going to New York with Luka so that the latter will not obtain separated from him. Their connection obtains threatened when Luka locates out that Okane had actually offered medicines to Andi for Bauman to become the principal of the college. He thinks that Okane had used him for his secret take care of Bauman. Soon, he obtains hospitalized, combating to stay alive, after dropping from the cafeteria roofing due to Bauman.

He should have come to know regarding Okane’s efforts to bring Bauman down, especially by teaming up with Luka’s buddies. Because Okane has actually done enough to seek forgiveness by assisting Andi as well as her gang to divulge the reality concerning Bauman, Luka relatively forgives him and finishes up with each other with him.

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