Relationship Status: Who Is Lara Worthington Dating In 2021?

Relationship Status: Who Is Lara Worthington Dating In 2021?

In this article, we cover who Lara Worthington dating is? Lara Worthington is an Australian model and TV hostess. You might remember Lara from the 2006 Australian tourism initiative advert campaign and her short-lived reality TV show “Being Lara Bingle” that aired on Network Ten. Furthermore, she is Sam Worthington’s wife. Additionally, Sam is a notoriously famous Australian actor known for his roles in movies like “Clash of the Titans,” James Cameron’s “Avatar,” and “Mindhunter: Unabomber.” This Aussie couple is famous for their bravado and their no-holds-barred confrontational style with the paparazzi press.

Lara Worthington’s maiden name is Bingle. Firstly, in this article, we will briefly cover her biographic profile and previous romantic relationships. Secondly, we will cover her current marriage to Australian actor Sam Worthington. Thirdly, we will mention Sam and Lara’s constant troubles with the press and authorities for driving offenses and their episodes with the law for not knowing how to keep their calm. You see, this celebrity Australian couple is quite fiery. But let’s not dig too deep at that right now, as firstly, we must cover some other things to give you context. Join us here at Otakukart!

Who is Lara Worthington?

Lara Bingle, now Lara Worthington (b. June 22, 1987, age 34), is a famous TV personality from Australia. She modeled, and the Australian Tourism authorities contracted her and used her image for a famous tourism promotion advertisement campaign. Featured in many magazines like Elle, Lara Worthington works as a model and, most recently, her work for beachwear retail brand  Seafolly’s “Live The Beach” campaign, as this post-COVID-19 summer has everybody trying to develop a nice tan after massive long-term lockdowns. In the next paragraph, we will comment on Lara Worthington’s romantic life partner history.

Who is Lara Worthington dating in 2021? The Australian Model’s Romantic Life Partner History

This article goes about the romantic life of Australian model and TV personality Lara Bingle. Furthermore, let’s get some things out of the way: Firstly, Sam Worthington and Lara married six years ago. So, Lara isn’t dating anyone but Mr. Worthington. But did you know that before dating the actor from “Terminator Salvation,” she was romantically involved with a bunch of other dudes? Yes! Lara Worthington dated musicians and athletes before settling down with Aussie action film hunk Sam Worthington. Keep reading on to learn more about Lara Worthington’s love life.

Who is Lara Worthington dating in 2021?

Who is Lara Worthington Dating in 2021?

Lara Bingle, before becoming Ms. Worthington and having children with the actor, dated athletes Danny Cipriani (rugby) in 2011, Michael Clarke (cricket) in 2007, American musician Shannon Leto in 2011, and the lead singer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis in 2012. Additionally, she had a fling with Aussie fashion designer Gareth Moody in 2011. But the love of her life, an Aussie action film actor, would captivate her and take her to the altar, and they are happily ever since. Good for them! Now, in the next section, we will explore some aspects of their married life.

On Lara Worthington and Sam Worthington’s Temper and Bad Decisions

Lara and Sam Worthington are quite the rowdy couple when it comes to dealing with their emotions. Firstly, let’s cover Lara, as she is the center of this article. Did you know that Lara has had multiple traffic violations that resulted in a ban from driving motor vehicles after a hit and run? Yes, sir, Lara Worthington had to appear in court back in 2012 for hitting a female motorcyclist in New South Wales. The traffic offense resulted in a 12-month driving license suspension for the Australian model. Furthermore, her husband, Sam Worthington, sued a media company for running unauthorized pictures of her wife modeling.

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But that’s not all for the couple because Lara’s hubby Sam had to deal with a paparazzi who was hounding on them. Apparently, Sam couldn’t hold his temper and punched the photojournalist for allegedly kicking his wife in the shin during one of those quick-paced media frenzies. What’s more, the journo saw a shot to milk some cash out of Sam’s short temper and took the issue to the courts, with Sam’s lawyers dealing with the assaulted journalist’s legal representation. Eventually, the legal issues would settle out of court. But Australian actor nearly faced harassment and assault charges for not knowing how to deal with his emotions when standing up for his wife.

Who is Lara Worthington dating?

Lara Worthington is Australian actor Sam Worthington’s wife; the couple lives with their children between the USA and Australia.


To wrap things up, Lara Worthington currently dates in 2021 her husband, Australian actor Sam Worthington. Firstly, the couple married six years ago, they are still together and spend their time between Los Angeles and Sydney. Secondly, Lara Worthington dated a number of musicians and athletes before settling down with her current husband. Thirdly, the couple is very famous for their short temper and has had to deal with lawsuits and legal issues. Still, the couple is happily married, as there are no rumors regarding infidelities, separations, or pieces of the news of the such. Good for Lara and Sam! That’s our scoop on her love life. Thanks for visiting Otakukart!

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