Remake Our Life Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

The marriage life of Kyoya begins with Remake Our Life Episode 11, with Kyoya discovering that he is a family man with a daughter, Maki. He realizes that he has lost his memories for ten years, and now he is married. Remake Our Life reveals the life of a man who exists in two worlds simultaneously and enjoys traveling to fixed the future. Kyoya realizes that he has made a huge mistake, and he has to avoid that since now he is a settled, married man. From the latest Remake Our Life episode, Kyoya enjoys breakfast with his family and realizes that they are happy.

Kyoya headed to work and worked on a new thing with his partner, who decided to show him how they are editing the character they are creating. The two give each other advice on how they change the characters. Kyoya teaches his partner how to make the clothes fit the character perfectly and adjust the space for a symbol. He told him that he had a design made separately, and they needed to stick it. The guy is impressed by Kyoya’s work.

Kyoya told him that it would reduce the workload on the illustrator and be easier to reuse.  The lady working near them reminds Kyoya about the backgrounds in the pipeline that are ready. Kyoya decided to work on that, and the lady replied that she had put the files in a shared folder since they were big. Kyoya agrees, and an email pops out of his screen, and he decides to handle it first. He realizes that he has spent a month ever since he got teleported into 2018, and he is doing his job great.

Previously on Remake Our Life Episode 10

Kyoya realizes that Etermanite Group Three is busy with social games. They have teamed up in different groups labeled A through D. Kyoya remembers working on various projects. Kawasegawa is leading Team A, and everyone is eyeing that team except for Kyoya’s group. Kawasegawa is also the Chief of Entertainment Grout Three. Kyoya realizes that Kawasegawa has a lot of jobs, and he is the leader of Team B. Team B is well known for its hard work and consistency in making headway, and they deliver their work in time.

Remake Our Life

Remake Our Life

Kyoya realizes that in his first work, it was challenging for him to figure out how to do his job since he couldn’t remember how he worked in the past. The workers continue with their daily duties and share different ideas for the company to progress. Kyoya looks at his family photo and realizes that it is essential to work for his family. The next, he was off, and Maki troubled him since she likes to play. Kyoya told her that he was tired and he wanted to rest a little bit.

Maki insisted on her father playing with her and told him that it was boring and he had to get up. Aki told her daughter to stop trouble her father since he wanted to rest. Maki gets angry and throws her teddy bear away. But her mother picked it up and told her to apologize to Mr. Bear. Aki apologizes, and her mother reminds her not to do that even though it is a toy. Aki narrates a story of spirits that care about such creations. Kyoya realizes that his wife is still the same; she has not changed ever since he traveled to the past. Later, Kyoya realizes that he helped Nanako to become a great singer.

Remake: Our Life-Episode 11 Release Date

Remake: Our-Life-Episode 11 will be released on Saturday, 18 September 2021, at 9:30 PM. Remake-Our Life will be complete with a single episode remaining. Look at the Remake: Our-Life recent official updates below.

Remake Our Life

Remake Our Life

Where To Watch Remake-Our-Life Episode 11

You can watch Remake-Our-Life Episode 11 online on Crunchyroll. Remake-Our Life updates the new episodes and other news about this anime online on its platforms. You can access Remake-Our Life’s latest episodes online officially on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. The next episode of Remake: Our Life will be the final one.

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