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Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and also Ending, Explained

In the sixth episode of ‘Rent a Girlfriend’ season 2 labelled ‘Booze and Girlfriend,’ Kazuya ultimately finds out whether Chizuru suched as the birthday celebration present or not. Kazuya makes a decision to accompany them yet is surprised to see an acquainted face there.

The morning after providing Chizuru her present, Kazuya bases on his terrace intending to strike up a discussion with her. He is concerned that Chizuru might not have actually suched as the present, so a thousand unfavorable ideas rush via his mind. When Chizuru lastly concerns the veranda, she thanks him for today yet also mentions that it appeared to be a present from a grandpa rather than a good friend.

Kazuya is naturally ashamed as well as tries to protect himself by saying that he simply intended to get her something that can help her relax. Luckily, Chizuru is not disappointed whatsoever and appears to appreciate his efforts. Using the opportunity, Kazuya discusses Ruka once again despite the fact that he has currently cleared up in the note that they did not make love. Even before he might offer any type of description, Chizuru tells him that she counts on him. Kazuya is delighted as well as suggests going out to celebrate her birthday on the coming Wednesday.

Chizuru is welcomed to an alcohol consumption party by her good friends so she asks him to go out on some various other day with her. Kazuya is regretfully active every other day of the week so they go down the strategy for currently.

All the young boys are thrilled to obtain a chance to ultimately excite a girl and they additionally take Kazuya with them. They take him to an area where the consuming event is expected to be held, yet as soon as Kazuya enters he is surprised to see a familiar face.

Chizuru is resting right in front of him. His short-term response catches every person’s interest and they ask whether he recognizes her. Thankfully, Chizuru has handled to look completely different from her typical self by wearing a pair of glasses as well as using a great deal of make-up. Kazuya’s pals fail to recognize her. As every person sits down, Kazuya and also Chizuru feel incredibly awkward as they know that the truth regarding their partnership can be disclosed anytime.

As it has currently been intended, the girls and also kids at the event prepare themselves for the consuming alcohol celebration. However before that, they have a quick intro, where Chizuru’s pal discusses that she has a hundred sweethearts mentioning the truth that she is a rental girlfriend. At this point, Kazuya is fairly troubled that his buddies will certainly quickly figure out that he has actually been existing to them for over a year currently.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: Does Kazuya’s College Friends Learn the Truth About Chizuru? How Does He Protect Her?

As soon as the consuming event starts, the boys and girls there challenge each other to different tasks to check that can drink one of the most. All the while Kazuya as well as Chizuru are extremely careful not to make any type of error while being drunk that discloses their secret. Nonetheless, after consuming for some time when Chizuru is challenged to consume a whole glass of alcohol simultaneously, Kazuya fears that she might not have the ability to manage it. However to his surprise, Chizuru is not only up to the obstacle however also handles to show up quite elegant while doing it.

He knows that they have actually currently had sufficient alcohol and also it’s only a matter of time prior to one of them discloses the fact about their partnership. Kazuya chooses to take all the difficulties so that Chizuru does not have to consume alcohol more. He consumes alcohol one glass of alcohol after an additional. In spite of being intoxicated, he handles to be conscious of his actions- at least before his buddies. Yet at some time throughout the party, one of Chizuru’s pals removes her glasses saying that she will certainly look a lot more beautiful without them.

For a moment, Chizuru and also Kazuya really feel that they have been revealed. Later that night, Chizuru assists an extremely hungover Kazuya reach his apartment and takes care of him.

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