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Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and also Ending, Explained

In the seventh episode of ‘Rent a Girlfriend’ season 2 entitled ‘Ex lover as well as Girlfriend,’ Kazuya struggles to remember what truly happened after he returned to his house adhering to the drinking event. Later on that day, Mami goes to the karaoke bar where he functions and also Ruka ends up being questionable concerning Kazuya’s behavior around her. Right here is every little thing you need to learn about the ending of ‘Rent a Girlfriend’ or ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ season 2 episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD !!!

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

When Kazuya finally wakes up the morning after the consuming alcohol event, he still can not remember what really took place the previous evening. He does slightly keep in mind Chizuru taking care of him, Kazuya is unsure whether it was a dream or not. He is surprised to locate himself in a team with the individuals from the consuming alcohol celebration when he checks his phone. Kazuya considers adding Chizuru to his call but is afraid of getting yelled at by her.

After college, Kazuya goes to the karaoke bar to work. Ruka is eagerly waiting for him there as well as tries to advise him regarding the charming minute they shared a few days back.

Kazuya is reluctant to love her at the moment and prevents her breakthroughs. Ruka follows him as he goes over points with Mami, he manages to wisely take her away to an exclusive space so that she can delight in the Karaoke bar.

Once both of them are alone, they speak a little freely. Mami reminds Kazuya that they have previously visited the karaoke together two times. Ruka is privately paying attention to their conversation, yet fortunately Kazuya has the ability to identify her prior to it’s far too late. But as he attempts to obtain Ruka far from there, she gets a bit questionable and also makes a decision to stay to discover what’s food preparation between the two of them.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: Why Does Ruka Fight Mami? Just how Does Kazuya’s Ex-spouse React to Her Emotional Outburst?

After Ruka has had sufficient, she determines to not hold herself back anymore. By now she has actually already heard her boyfriend talk with Mami concerning mosting likely to karaoke together in the past, so she is normally questionable. When she checks concerning their relationship, Mami claims that they are simply pals. To make issue even worse, she reaches claiming that Ruka possibly suches as Kazuya- which is why she is checking him. Her comments irritate Ruka, that wishes to inform her that Kazuya is her boyfriend.

But before she can do that, Kazuya senses the tension and quits her from doing so. When Ruka ultimately realizes that Mami is actually his ex-girlfriend, that’s. As a result of this reason Kazuya was acting so strange around her. Ruka has actually had sufficient and also decides to challenge Mami for her weird behavior. She breaks out at her for adhering to Kazuya around and attempting to conflict in his personal life, although she was the one that left him to begin with.

Ruka allows Mami know that she is dating Kazuya currently. When she asks why he needed to obtain a rental girlfriend when he already had her, Ruka clarifies that she is the kind of girlfriend that would do anything to maintain his man happy.

What Does Mami Realize After Meeting Chizuru on the Train?

After paying, Mami instantly leaves the karaoke bar and also does not look back also as soon as. Ruka’s psychological outburst is as well much for her to bear and also she just desires to get back residence as quickly as possible. She has actually been assuming a great deal regarding the purse that she has seen at Kazuya’s house as well as had actually concluded that it probably belonged to Ruka.

Both of them obtain down at the exact same station however prior to they go their very own methods, Mami asks Chizuru whether she still sees Kazuya. Unsurprisingly, Chizuru declines but Mami recognizes for certain that she is lying.

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