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Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and also Ending, Explained

Kazuya later on employs Chizuru for the whole day and the duo goes on a tactical date. Chizuru tells him concerning a career-changing chance while they are hanging out which leaves Kazuya overjoyed for his rental partner.

The day after a horrible encounter between Ruka and also Mami, Kazuya has a long video phone call with his sweetheart. While discussing random things, she eventually winds up excusing her rude behavior and also suggests that she needs to have been a lot more graceful as Mami is additionally Kazuya’s classmate. Her boyfriend guarantees her that Mami does not pose any type of risk to their partnership and also she must stress over her at all.

Later on that day, Kazuya decides to publication Chizuru as partner for the whole day and also prepares to be a little bit extra egocentric this time. He asks her to hold his hand and also the duo walks around the city looking like any typical pair.

When Kazuya lastly sees a food stall, he recognizes that he wants to share food with her as he had actually already intended. Nonetheless, he does not want to inform her what he is planning. She replies in the affirmative when he asks Chizuru if she is starving. He orders something from the stall yet does not buy anything for himself. As Chizuru finally obtains her order, she asks Kazuya if he would like to have a bite. Kazuya could finally see his plan functioning, and also the duo ends up sharing food- something he has constantly wanted to do and has actually additionally included in his plan for the day.

When they are casually strolling in a mall, Chizuru suddenly notifications that Sumi is going shopping at a shop there. She instantly hides from her along with Kazuya.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8 Ending: Does Kazuya Manage to Fulfill All of His Date Plans?
When Kazuya has actually handled to share food with Chizuru as well as additionally avoided running into Sumi, the duo recognizes that it’s time to appreciate other prepare for the day. At this moment, Mizuhara had not only discovered that Kazuya had actually made a checklist of points that he plans to do however has actually likewise provided him guarantee that there is absolutely nothing outrageous about it. They later on go inside a picture booth to click some pair photos.

When Kazuya is provided with a couple of choices on the display to pick a specific present, he really feels humiliated as well as is rather indecisive. Chizuru notices his hesitation as well as picks a romantic present herself. As they are clicking images, Kazuya can hardly control his excitement. They also hug appropriately for the very first time however are as well ashamed to look each other in the eyes by the time their photo session finishes. Afterwards, they head to a Ferris wheel which offers a great view of the city.

As Chizuru tries to show Kazuya something from the glass window, the duo end up in a very uncomfortable position after one of them slips. After they get down, Kazuya buys the couple photo they took before boarding the Ferris wheel for 1,000 yen.

Does Chizuru Get an Acting Opportunity?

Once the long day is finally over, Kazuya and Chizuru walk back home holding hands like a normal couple. Kazuya realizes that she will be going back to stage soon, so he promises to be there for her just like last time.

Nevertheless, she also includes that acting possibilities mean that will be quitting her present work at some point in the future, so he will not be able to employ her any longer. Although it means that Kazuya might not have the ability to hang around with Mizuhara any longer, he is exceptionally pleased to find out that she is obtaining closer to her dreams and all her hard work is finally paying off.

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