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Rich Pulsifer Jr.: Where is Michelle Pulsifer Brother Now?

Richard Pulsifer Jr. was just 6-years-old when he asserted to have last seen his 3-year-old sister, Michelle. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Girl in the Little Blue Dress’ focuses on this really case and includes an interview with Rich Jr.

Who is Rich Pulsifer Jr.?

Sometime in July 1969, Rich Jr. unexpectedly moved from California to Illinois with Donna, Mike, and Mike’s boy. His young sister, Michelle, was no place to be seen. Around the exact same time, Rich Jr.’s father, Richard Sr. Pulsifer AKA Dick, came for a browse through, only to recognize his children were gone. It had not been up until about a year later on that Donna returned with Rich Jr., yet she refused to inform Dick where Michelle was.

Just six years old, Rich Jr. stated that he had actually not seen his sibling since prior to relocating to Illinois. According to Rich Jr., Michelle came to his area throughout the early morning hrs around July 4, 1969.

It was the last time Rich Jr. saw his sister. The adhering to day, he remembered seeing a big cardboard box covered with blankets in the garage. Upon observing Rich Jr. there, Donna asked him to leave and not return in. When they moved, Rich Jr. was informed they didn’t have area to take Michelle with them, so she would live with loved ones. Over the years, he struggled to understand what occurred.

Rich Jr. likewise spoke about hearing what his mom stated one evening. He discussed, “I believe it was my junior year. I don’t recall precisely. I woke up to her crying. Her bedroom door was closed. And also I heard Michelle’s name, and I additionally heard “dead.” But I was not quite systematic, as well as I was just barely awake.” After that, in 1980, Rich Jr. reconnected with his dad after the latter discovered they were living in Wisconsin. Dick received a court order to pay kid assistance for Rich Jr. yet except Michelle.

When Rich Jr. turned 18, he moved to California to live with his father. And she goes, ‘Rich, you understand, things took place. According to Rich Jr., Donna claimed that Michelle was still active.

Where is Rich Pulsifer Jr. Today?

By then, Rich Jr. had actually given up locating Michelle’s remains. Rich Jr. was present during both of Donna’s trials and also testified throughout the first one.

In spite of a hard end to the saga, Rich Jr. has done his finest to relocate on with his life. On the personal front, Rich Jr. has as well as has a boy been in a relationship with Viviani Baldini since 2010. From what we can tell, Rich Jr. additionally discovered martial arts at his dad’s workshop.

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