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Rick Stanton: Where is the Cave Diver Now?

Amazon Prime’s ‘Thirteen Lives’ is the story of a bold rescue led by a team of divers that travel from different edges of the world to save people they’ve never ever satisfied prior to. At risk are the lives of twelve young boys as well as their football instructor, who are entraped in a cave that is so greatly swamped that it becomes difficult to locate them, not to mention launch a rescue. 2 scuba divers are called right into activity when nothing appears to work and also it looks like the trapped ones will never be brought out in time. That’s when the whole circumstance starts to take a much more favorable turn.

The movie explains concerning the rescue objective, covering it from every angle to show the collective initiatives that led to its success. At the center of the story, nonetheless, is Rick Stanton, played by Viggo Mortensen. We’ve got you covered if you’re questioning what took place to him after the events of the movie.

Where is Rick Stanton Today?

He never ever married and has actually dedicated his life to cave-diving, in which he has actually come to be one of the most established people in the world. It additionally gives him the possibility to check out locations that no one else has actually been to previously.

An ex-firefighter with twenty-five years of experience on the job, Stanton is considered one of Britain’s and the world’s most popular cave scuba divers. He selected it up as a hobby, ultimately leveling as much as the point where he started establishing his own diving equipment. He remains to participate in saves with the Cave Rescue Organisation, which is what led him to the Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand. For his work, he has actually been granted several laurels. He is the recipient of the George Medal, the 2018 Pride of Britain Award for Outstanding Bravery, as well as the Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

Before this, he ‘d also got the Royal Humane Society’s Bronze Medal and also was assigned a Member of the Order of the British Empire. In 2021, he got the Hero of the Year Award at the West Midland Fire Service’s Aspire Awards. In the exact same year, he was granted a chapter coin by Mark Wood, the Chairman of Great Britain and also Ireland Explorers Club Chapter, while also receiving an honorary level from the University of Bristol’s Speleological Society. In 2021, his publication ‘Aquanaut: A Life Beneath the Surface– The Inside Story of the Thai Cave Rescue’ was released.

Stanton has actually constantly been a personal person and also never quite suched as to be in the spotlight, also after the rescue. While he does not like to talk about it very much, he does admit that his life has actually altered a great deal given that the rescue.

For ‘Thirteen Lives’, he served as a consultant, helping the filmmakers figure out the information that were either misreported by the media or were not known by any person but the divers. “Not one day has actually passed in 3 and also a fifty percent years where I haven’t had something to do with Thai rescue in some way shape or form. It definitely has actually been a big feature in my life,” he confessed.

In addition to all the acclaim that it brought him, the rescue goal likewise led to a personal modification for Stanton. Prior to it, having actually spent decades cave-diving, he ‘d started to question if his little hobby ever before in fact implied something. In his book, he explores the complicated feelings he had pertaining to diving, as he became frustrated with it. “I ‘d committed my life to reaching the peak in this one activity that was absolutely pointless, it brought nothing to any person,” he wrote. The phone call came for the rescue of the thirteen people stuck in a cave in Thailand, and also Stanton’s special skillset ended up being the turning point in the rescue efforts. “It does appear that everything I have done has actually led in incremental actions to this,” he claimed.

As for ‘Thirteen Lives’, when he learnt that Viggo Mortensen was mosting likely to play his function, he was very delighted. “I ‘d never ever truly believed who would certainly play me in a film, yet he ‘d be up there,” he claimed. He locates that the star toenailed his accent and brought a really realistic method to the portrayal of his character. While his actions might be viewed as heroic, particularly after the motion picture, Stanton believes that he is still a regular individual that simply did what remained in his capacities. “I don’t think of myself as a hero. I still live alone in Coventry,” he said.

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