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Robert Fisher Now: Why Did Robert Fisher Kill His Family?

In April 2001, citizens in a Scottsdale, Arizona, area woke up to a home and a surge swallowed up in fires. After the firemans obtained the blaze in control, they had an additional shock waiting on them within. 3 charred remains of a mommy and two children spurred a homicide query. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Devil in Suburbia: Arizona Horror Story’ concentrates on how Robert Fisher’s better half and also two children were located murdered in their house, with Robert nowhere to be located. If you want to know a lot more, we’ve obtained you covered.

Why Did Robert Fisher Kill His Family?

Quickly after 8:30 AM on April 10, 2001, a huge surge in Scottsdale led the firemans to the Fisher residence. Inside, they discovered 38-year-old Mary Fisher and her youngsters, 12-year-old Brittney as well as 10-year-old Bobby, dead in their beds. The melted remains were barely well-known, however the authorities promptly discovered their deaths weren’t the result of an accident. Every one of their throats had been reduced while Mary was fired in the rear of the head as well.

Picture Credit: AZ Central News

The examination disclosed that your house’s natural gas line was cut, as well as an accelerant was poured throughout your home as well as over the corps. A candle light was lit, at some point causing the surge. At the time, Mary’s hubby, Robert, was no place to be seen. He didn’t show up to work as a breathing tech at the local medical facility, as well as nobody knew where he was. Offered what happened as well as what the cops eventually learned, Robert, then 39, came to be the only suspect in the triple murder.

According to them, Robert had actually currently dealt with separation as a youngster when his moms and dads divided and potentially didn’t want to go through the very same point again with his family. Others stated Robert being regulating, aggressive, as well as known for weird behavior; when, he also chatted about killing an elk and also smearing its blood over his body.

At around 10:43 PM, Robert was seen taking out money at a neighborhood ATM; he drove there in Mary’s automobile. It was wiped clean, as well as the family dog was left behind, however there was still no indication of Robert.

Where is Robert Fisher Today?

Amidst difficult climate and a lack of clues, the search was called off, with Robert in the wind. Robert was a devoted outdoorsman and also seeker in addition to being in the Navy.

Others guessed that Robert may have eliminated himself after the murders, with his body never being found. An additional possibility considered was Robert leaving the country; airport terminal protection at the time wasn’t as thorough as it has actually become post the 9/11 assaults.

In the meantime, the authorities continue to try to find any type of info that can assist address the instance. They really hope that individuals who recognized Robert or just how he went away will step forward and also talk. In November 2021, he was eliminated from the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List. The Bureau mentioned there was no evidence of any other prohibited activity that Robert had been a part of because he was implicated of killing his family.

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