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Robert Freeze Riggs Now: Where is Andre Ange Melendez Killer Today?

Examination Discovery’s ‘The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade: Death Of An Angel’ attributes the inquiry into the murder of Andre “Angel” Melendez, a 25-year-old from Colombia who worked out in New York. The gruesome slaying was carried out by Michael Alig as well as his flatmate at the time, Robert “Freeze” Riggs. Angel’s dismembered remains were located in April 1996, with the authorities ultimately zeroing in on Michael as well as Freeze. If you’re wondering what took place to Freeze because after that, right here’s what we understand.

That is Robert “Freeze” Riggs?

At the time of the event, Robert “Freeze” Riggs was a staff member at a club in New York City in addition to being a part-time hat developer. Angel all of a sudden went away in March 1996, with his upper body being discovered in Staten Island, New York, when it washed onto land in April. Afterwards, Michael and also Freeze were prime suspects in case, provided their involvement with the scene and due to the fact that Michael had informed his pals concerning killing Angel. Freeze, that was apprehended outside his workplace, rapidly admitted to what happened.

According to the authorities, “As quickly as I touched his (Freeze’s) arm, he was spilling his intestines. He was informing me how pleased he was that it was over.” Freeze mentioned that he remained in Michael’s house someday in March 1996 when Angel showed up; Michael and also Angel had a disagreement over some funds, with the last claiming that Peter Gatien, a close friend of Michael’s, owed him a lot of money. Angel wanted Michael to speak to Peter about compensating.

Freeze declared that when Michael rejected to do so, Angel started choking Michael. The authorities discovered from Freeze that Michael choked Angel, put detergent right into his mouth, as well as covered air duct tape around it.

Freeze stated, “About 5 to 7 days later on, Michael as well as I determined we needed to do something concerning this terrible mess. It was chosen that I would go get blades or something to help take care of the body.” He claimed to have offered Michael a few bags of heroin to aid with severing Angel’s body. After slicing off the legs, they positioned Angel’s torso in a cardboard box and also took a trip to the Hudson River in New York using a taxi. There, the duo disposed Angel’s body in the water.

Where is Robert “Freeze” Riggs Now?

Like Michael, also Robert “Freeze” Riggs begged guilty to first-degree wrongful death in September 1997, later being sentenced to serve 10 to 20 years behind bars. At the time, both guys declared the attack to be self-defense. Freeze offered time at a reformatory in New York up until March 2010, when he was launched on parole permanently actions.

Freeze stayed under probation until November 2016, as well as it appears he has turned his life around given that venturing out. He entered into academic community, obtaining his bachelor’s level in Anthropology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which belongs to the City University of New York. Freeze after that received a fellowship to pursue a Ph.D. in sociology from New York University.

Freeze’s research study interests included metropolitan sociology, urban ethnography, and also social concept, among other points. Apart from that, Freeze is an Associate Researcher for a prison campaign at Bard College, New York.

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