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Robert Goodwin: Where is Lauren Kanarek Fiance Now?

Existing with the equestrian was her fiancé, Robert Goodwin, that was able to obtain a hold of the shooter till the cops showed up. If you’re wondering what took place to Robert given that after that, right here’s what we understand.

That is Robert Goodwin?

Starting in March 2018, Lauren Karanek started educating with Michael Barisone, a popular dressage instructor, at his farm in Washington Township, New Jersey. She also lived on the ranch with her fiancé, Robert Goodwin. Lauren as well as Michael’s relationship began well, yet by the summer season of 2019, it devolved past the point of redemption. Michael desired the couple out of the house, but they refused to leave.

Michael claimed he was afraid for his life and told the authorities the same in the time leading up to the shooting. His attorney later on mentioned that Lauren and Robert mounted surprise recording devices to tape-record his conversations and bother him. The lawyer also implicated the couple of reporting alleged code offenses, triggering a main see the day before the capturing. Robert was then charged of claiming, “Get all set” to Michael while he made the form of a weapon with his fingers.

On August 7, 2019, Michael took a 9mm hand gun from his office and drove to your home where Lauren and also Robert stayed. When she began chatting to him, Lauren saw Michael behind a shrub near the back porch. She declared that Michael then drew a weapon out and fired her twice. Robert mentioned that he saw Michael displaying a tool. The instructor fired at Robert too but missed out on, hitting a windowpane instead.

Robert took the phone, stating he was on top of Michael as well as holding him down. When the police showed up, Robert was on top of Michael.

Where is Robert Goodwin Today?

While Lauren and also Robert affirmed for the prosecution, the court eventually turned for the defense. In April 2022, Michael Barisone was acquitted of trying to kill Lauren as well as Robert; the argument of temporary insanity functioned. When it came to Robert, Michael was found not guilty of attempting to kill him, but not due to temporary insanity. Since then, Robert has not surprisingly kept a low profile. He has not been energetic on social media, yet his passion in equines and also food trucks appears. From what we can inform, he is still with Lauren, and also his last well-known location continues to be New Jersey.

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