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Russian online cinemas face massive loss of subscribers

According to a recent study, domestic services can lose up to 25% of their audience. Russian online cinemas may lose more than 25% of their users. This conclusion was reached by the audit company B1, which conducted a large-scale study by interviewing more than 700 subscribers of domestic digital platforms.

According to B1, many service subscribers may opt out of their services in the near future: 32% of respondents indicated that they want to cancel their subscription after watching a certain show, another 11% admitted that they received a subscription as a gift and are not going to buy it. prolong. The most common reason for leaving the platforms was too expensive subscription fees, with 44% of respondents giving this answer. In addition, 10% of respondents said that they were not satisfied with the quality of the series presented on the services, and only 3% blamed the platforms themselves for the poor quality of service.

At the same time, according to TelecomDaily, in 2022 the Russian online cinema market grew by 5%. Experts’ opinions on whether this growth will continue further or whether the market is in for a serious decline are extremely different. Some experts say that in 2023 the development of Russian services may slow down due to problems with the purchase of foreign content. The other part claims that they do not expect a serious outflow of audience from digital platforms.

Also in the material “B1” it is indicated that due to the loss of content from Western film studios, the total range of Russian online cinemas has decreased by an average of 10%. At the same time, individual services lost up to 70% of their catalog. As a result, users who previously paid for two or three subscriptions, in the current conditions, prefer to keep one. However, according to representatives of the Wink service, the outflow of viewers is unlikely to continue, since “online services have prepared a solid set of new original content, which should potentially retain users.” Many other Russian online movie theaters have also reported an increase in the number of subscribers due to the departure of Western competitors.

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