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Sally Field to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at SAG Awards 2023

SAG-AFTRA announced today that Sally Field will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 SAG Awards.

Known for roles in films such as Forrest Gump, Steel Flowers, Lincoln, Field has already won the Oscar for Best Actress twice: for Norma Rae (1980) – a film that also earned her the award in the category at the Cannes Film Festival – and for One Place in the Heart (1984) – occasion in which he gave a speech remembered until today.

On the small screen, the actress also has two Emmys, one for the telefilm Sybil and another for the series Brothers and Sisters, in addition to being remembered by many as A Noviça Rebelde.

Other Lifetime Achievement Award winners at the SAG Awards include Helen Mirren, Lily Tomlin, Robert De Niro, Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Debbie Reynolds, Rita Moreno and Dick Van Dyke.

The 2023 SAG Awards take place on February 26 and will be streamed worldwide on Netflix’s YouTube channel.

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