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Sandra and John Maloney Kids: Where Are Matt, Aaron & Sean Maloney Now?

CBS News’ ’48 Hours: A Question of Murder’ narrates the examination into 40-year-old Sandra Maloney’s murder. The mom of 3’s burned remains were discovered at her home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in February 1998. The authorities thought that Sandra’s separated partner, John Maloney, was the killer. But evidence at the scene also pointed to a feasible suicide effort. The couple’s three sons, Matt, Sean, and also Aaron, believed that their dad was innocent and, on the program, talked about their mom’s troubles. So, if you’re curious to learn much more, below’s what we know.

That Are Sandra and also John Maloney’s Kids?

Sandra as well as John Maloney married in 1978 and ultimately had 3 children. While Matt was the oldest, Sean was 2 years more youthful, and also Aaron was birthed a year after Sean. Matt remembered just how cracks started to show up within the family members when Sandra established a prescription pill addiction due to her neck pain. In 2005, he said, “If she couldn’t get the pills from her physicians, her pals would certainly give them for her. They were no aid to her.” Based on reports, it got to a point where the neighborhood pharmacist would certainly ask the boys to take their prescription medicine in front of him so Sandra wouldn’t get her hands on them.

Also that was futile, with Matt stating, “She ‘d inform me to slip it under my tongue as well as simply maintain it under there until we left the area. And afterwards I ‘d spit it out, and also she ‘d take it when we left. I know I shouldn’t have actually been doing it, but I was so young. Now that I consider it, I can not believe someone would do that, specifically your own mommy.” In time, Sandra took care of anxiety and alcohol addiction, causing several disagreements with John. According to the prosecution, she had actually when told her psychiatrist about John’s physical misuse and also showed him bruises. John rejected these cases, and also Sean agreed.

John moved out of the residence in 1997 and also took the kids with him. In February 1998, Sandra was discovered dead by her mommy, with the authorities believing John killed her as well as after that established her body on fire. While there seemed to be proof that Sandra was assuming of eliminating herself, the court never saw it and inevitably located John guilty of murder.

Where Are Sandra as well as John Maloney’s Kids Today?

The kids always counted on their papa’s innocence, with Sean reading a household statement, “The Maloney family members is not surrendering on my dad. We enjoy him, as well as we understand the reality. I believe in my daddy. And I will battle until he is by my side.” Matt included something comparable, stating, “If there’s any way I assumed my father killed my mama, I would have nothing to do with this case now. I would certainly not see my father. I wouldn’t talk to him in all. It’s our mama that died. Why would certainly we cover up for that?”

After the ordeal, John’s sibling, Gin Maloney, cared for the kids and regularly took them to see their dad in prison. Nevertheless, the Maloney family had to deal with yet another catastrophe since Gin passed away in 2018. It appears that Matt, Sean, as well as Aaron have actually considering that maintained a low profile, and understandably so. From what we can inform, Matt and Aaron still reside in Green Bay, while Sean lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It shows up that Sean loves hanging out with his household, specifically his niece, yet very little else is learnt about the bros.

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