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Santo Season 1 Recap and Ending, Explained: Who is Santo, Will Santo Kill Lucía

Developed by Carlos López, Netflix’s crime series ‘Santo’ complies with Miguel Millán and also Ernesto Cardona, two law enforcement agents from Spain and Brazil respectively, whose paths go across when they lay out to catch Santo, an undetectable medicine lord. When Santo arrives in Madrid to set up a new medicine empire with the aid of occult techniques, Cardona winds up in the Spanish funding with Bárbara, Santo’s girlfriend, to find him as well as exact his revenge on him for killing his companion Vera. The initial season of the engrossing Spanish series ends with remarkable revelations as well as advancements worrying Santo’s identification as well as plans. If you are interested in an amplified look at the same, allow us share our ideas! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Santo Season 1 Recap

‘Santo’ starts with the murders of neighborhood drug dealer Cristóbal and also his child Mario. Law Enforcement Officer Miguel Millán, who additionally helps the neighborhood medication mafia that consists of Cristóbal, lays out to locate the killers with his coworker Susi for the sake of Cristóbal’s partner Maria, with whom he is having an event. Millán as well as Susi’s examination leads them to three Norwegians who also attempt to kill the previous. Millán and also Susi discover that the Norwegians are men managed by Santo, a Brazilian drug lord without any extra info or a recognized face worrying his identity. In Salvador, located in the state of Bahia, Brazil, a law enforcement agent called Ernesto Cardona joins Santo’s narcotics call as an undercover agent.

Cardona’s cover gets eventually blown, jeopardizing his goal. Still, he obtains one more possibility to discover Santo through Bárbara, Santo’s girlfriend, who seeks the authorities’s aid to get away from the unnoticeable medication lord. Cardona and Bárbara bolt to Spain for security but get abducted by Santo. Millán, while exploring Santo, winds up saving Cardona from a storage facility the drug lord made use of to compromise humans for his betterment as well as safety. They eventually discover Bárbara but Cardona and also Bárbara choose to flee from the authorities as well as seek sanctuary in a hideout as opposed to associating with the authorities.

Cardona struggles to move on from the death of Vera, who had actually introduced him to Exu, a spirit connected to African-derived customs. As a follower, he obtains the “thread of Exu,” which he puts on for his safety and security. He likewise obtains intrusive thoughts about killing a kid for Santo’s human sacrifice intoxicated of the latter’s occult techniques. On the other hand, Millán’s superiors discover that he has connections with a local narcotics ring. Still, he handles to make a story to proceed the investigation for Maria. At the same time, a team of children obtains abducted by Santo’s males for more sacrifices.

He gets eliminated in an encounter with Santo’s men, who takes Bárbara with them to the stockroom. Susi, who gets here at the stockroom, saves the abducted youngsters while Cardona as well as Millán try to find Santo.

Santo Season 1 Ending: Who is Santo?

Although Santo is one of the most infamous medication lords on the planet, not also his closest colleagues haven’t seen him. Police departments of a number of countries fall short to also locate a single photograph of the criminal. However Santo has always been around them considering that Bárbara is Santo. The idea as well as picture of a powerful, masculine, and unnoticeable medicine lord was Bárbara’s production to sidetrack her opponents, competitors, and also authorities officials. Developing such a figure likewise helps Bárbara to pretend to be Santo’s fugitive and also distract police officers like Millán and Cardona by being with them, coming to know concerning their every relocation.

Bárbara’s survival among her own guys depends upon the latter’s anxiety of such a manly entity as they wouldn’t dare to harm the girlfriend of Santo. The pretense of being the girlfriend of Santo also enables her to manage as well as dictate her men given that she is recognized as the person who is closest to the imaginary Santo.

Because no one in the world can accurately judge the power and authority of a fictional entity, Santo continues to be an authoritative, enigmatic, and also frightening number even amongst Bárbara’s competitors and also federal government authorities of numerous nations. The enhancement of occult methods and other mythological tasks better add to the myth of Santo, marking the success of Bárbara’s development.

Will Santo/B árbara Kill Lucía?

Although Millán and Cardona understand that Bárbara is Santo, they fail to record her, paving the way for her retreat. Millán, who obtains attacked by the medicine lord’s guys, obtains hospitalized too. While he is confessed to a medical facility, Bárbara sends him a video of Lucía at her gunpoint. Despite the fact that Lucía’s fate remains in the hands of Bárbara, the latter might not remain in a rush to kill her. Bárbara sending the video clip to the police officer instead of killing his daughter right away indicates that the medicine lord has some incomplete plans concerning Millán. Lucía quite possibly can be the lure Bárbara is utilizing to make use of the police officer.

As Bárbara is all established to develop her own drug kingdom in Spain, Millán may turn out to be a helpful addition to her team, specifically considering her at risk position. No authorities have ever prospered in unwinding the fact behind Santo till Millán as well as Cardona do, which suggests that Bárbara is shedding her toughness.

Because Millán has actually put his life on the line to overcome Santo, his superiors might enable him to continue his investigation and capture Santo. If that’s the instance, offering Bárbara can be the prize Millán needs to pay to shield his little girl. As somebody who has actually assisted regional medicine lords prior to for cash, the law enforcement officer may not have any type of ethical disputes concerning assisting Bárbara if he is gaining from the same.

Why Does Cardona Save Santo/B árbara?

After Bárbara’s discovery that she is Santo, Millán aims to fire her down for the sake of meeting his pledge to Maria. After “rescuing” Bárbara from Santo, Cardona begins to nature an intimate connection with her. Cardona can be having feelings for Bárbara also after recognizing that she is Santo.

By the time of Cardona’s realization that Santo is Bárbara, the rage in him has actually died. The Brazilian doesn’t reveal any type of aggressiveness to kill her after stopping Millán, which suggests that Cardona’s sensations for Bárbara need to have affected his activities.

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