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Sapphire Youngsters aims at actualising teenager’s dreams

SAPPHIRE Youngsters, a teenage-oriented reality TV show, has debuted to actualise the dreams of Nigerian teenagers.

The organisers, Linus Zitelu Ltd, said the project is dedicated to the self-realisation, development, and actualisation of dreams of an African child, adding that their vision and mission are for African teenagers to boost their self-esteem and capabilities in all facets of life.

A statement by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Linus Dada, said the show has been strategically set up to discover and showcase multiple hidden talents of teenagers.

“Faithful to our mission, the show is important to us because it is in harmony with our vision and mission and has been designed to bring out the best in the participants,” he said.

Dada added: “The Sapphire Youngsters Reality show is the first of its kind. It is a reality show that creates a world-class platform to discover, celebrate and support young talented teenagers in all fields of academics. We have seen over time in our society that smart youngsters who win academic competitions are not well recognised and are given meagre rewards, while those who are talented in secular activities or promote immoral acts are celebrated and rewarded massively. This has continued to contribute to moral decadence and as well lower the impact of children with great minds in our society today.

“Consequently, the long-term effect reflects in the nation’s socio-economy, as these youngsters are not encouraged adequately to develop themselves to contribute significantly to nation-building. Hence, the determination to create a world-class spotlight for teenagers and young adults to boost their self-esteem and showcase their intellect and talents to the world.”

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