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Satanic elites trying to divide Nigeria – Sultan

By David Adenuga Bauchi

Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Saad Abubakar lll has described those trying to divide Nigeria as ‘Satans’.

He lamented a few elites were sowing seeds of discord to create animosity among Nigerians.

The Sultan, who spoke on Monday in Bauchi, the capital during the commissioning of the ultramodern Hajj Camp, urged Nigerians to continue to live in harmony and not allow some few elites use them as tools for destruction.

He said: “Do not let Satan create animosity between you people, in fact there are so many Satans in this country, Nigeria.

“So many people are doing a lot to dismantle this country and l believe we have a duty to rise up to the occasion and challenge those few elites saying they must control this country.

“We must let them know that yes we have a role to play and nobody can force us to do what they want us to do.”

The Sultan added the only way to change any government is by voting and not the other way round.

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“Like my dear brother Sheikh Sanni said, your vote is your power, you can change any government by voting. Don’t allow anybody to steal your vote and it’s time for you to reorganise, strategise and have excellent leadership in this country,” he stressed.

He also called for urgent actions by concerned authorities to restore confidence of Nigerians.

According to him: “Leaders should always strive to do what the people want because it was the main reason they were voted into power by the people. What the country needs now is excellent and purposeful leadership.

“Leadership has been bestowed on us by Allah, He expects us to be just, fair and equitable to all. We should know that one day, we will all give account of our stewardship in the hereafter.

“It is incumbent on us as leaders to discharge our responsibility to the best of our abilities. The followers are looking up to us for effective leadership. That is what we have to do in order to make the country better.

“There is the need to promote peace and peaceful coexistence in the country because it is only in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that development and progress can be made.”

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