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SEAL Team set to change everything to Bravo in Season 7

Season 6 of SEAL Team pertained to a psychological verdict following the funeral service of fan-favorite personality Clay Spencer (played by Max Thieriot). Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) received a medal, he may end up being compelled to resign after going down a substantial fact bomb throughout his speech.

Jason’s issues expanded in SEAL Team

Over the past 2 seasons, Jason has been struggling with mysterious frustrations connected to a distressing brain injury he experienced years ago on SEAL Team

Although the indication were there, he determined to continue to be tight-lipped in spite of the stress it was creating him. His stubbornness tragically returned after Bravo Team’s goal in Mali took a dreadful turn.

As a result of his head trauma, Jason made a catastrophic error that triggered a structure to collapse and also landed Bravo Team in the hospital.

During the 6th season finale, for that reason, Jason ultimately confessed his problem and condemned himself for Clay’s death. After the objective in Mali failed, the soldier shed his leg during life-saving surgery and came under a deep anxiety.

This incorporated with coming to be a new parent proved way too much for Clay as well as after a major talk with his partner Stella (Alana Tal) they consented to move in for a fresh start. Nonetheless, he received a disturbing telephone call from a pal who was about to commit self-destruction.

After Clay hurried to his side, he had the ability to safely recover the gun and soothe his friend down, nevertheless, a security personnel heard the commotion, saw the weapon as well as shot Clay.

Jason may resign as well as leave the SEAL Team.

Throughout the Naval Cross Ceremony, Eric Blackburn (Judd Lormand) applauded Jason during a speech. And afterwards he welcomed him as the recipient of the honor to say a few words. Nevertheless, Jason made an unusual revelation and also specified, “Clay Spenser might have returned from Mali, however he is not here today as a result of that ambush, an ambush he need to never ever have actually belonged of.”, he claimed.

” While Clay took care of his team’s protection, I took care of my very own defense. Concerned that Command would certainly discover what this battle has actually done to my head.”

He admitted: “Brain dysfunction, I concealed my traumatic brain injury and Clay Spenser paid the utmost price for it.”

As a result, Jason might be forced to resign as Bravo Team’s Master Chief Special Warfare Operator.

After his speech, he was challenged by his superiors and also informed that he had “ashamed the Command as well as the Navy”.

Mentioning Jason’s future, showrunner Spencer Hudnut noted that Jason” understands the effects of this circumstance “.

“And I assume he’s, for the first time, truly comfortable with the idea that he could not operate once more,” Spencer contributed to TV Insider.

However, this could be the case for the whole Bravo team in SEAL Team. For Jason’s revelation has urged others to open regarding their psychological health and wellness battles.

While Jason was in a tense meeting with Command, Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) cut off to “change” his statement as well as revealed that he has actually dealt with PTSD given that being abducted and held captive in season 4.

Just when he was fired, all the soldiers, including Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley), Brock Reynolds (Justin Melnick) and Trent (Tyler Gray) exposed their drawbacks.

These ranged from migraines, tinnitus, transgressor syndrome, sleeping disorders, blurred vision and also memory loss.

For now, nonetheless, fans will have to wait as Paramount+ has yet to choose whether to follow up with a seventh season of SEAL Team. Currently, it’s to stay in the crowd.

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