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Sebastian Garcia Bolster: Where is the Bank Rio Robber Now?

As a documentary film that radiates a light upon the January 13, 2006, looting of a two-story Bank Rio branch in Acassuso, Netflix’s ‘Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist is just impressive. That’s due to the fact that it information every element– from the objectives to the techniques to the definition– behind the criminal offense via the eyes of those straight along with instead happily responsible for the very same. Among them was none besides Sebastián García Bolster (additionally referred to as The Engineer)– so now allow’s find out more concerning his past, his participation, as well as his present location, shall we?

Who is Sebastián García Bolster?

Sebastián was unquestionably constantly a law-abiding husband owing to his normal middle-class upbringing in the city of Martínez in San Isidro Partido, Buenos Aires Province, that is, up until 2006. He ‘d graduated from senior high school with an electronic technician field of expertise prior to developing his very own service, as well as right after, an old friend turned up to go down the idea of robbing a bank at his door. The auto mechanic had not been completely cost first, yet once Fernando Araujo outlined a little his high-risk strategy, he couldn’t be however assist drawn to it due to the gravy train, retribution, as well as creativity facets.

” I never ever swiped,” Sebastián claimed in the original production. Burglarizing a bank, however, I was in. My family members constantly suffered due to the fact that of the financial institutions.

Where is Sebastián García Bolster Now?

Sebastián had actually left community a bit after the effective very early 2006 coup for some relaxation, never expecting the whole gang to be arrested within simple weeks owing to an informant. He really did not admit his role in the robbery or as an accomplice back then, but his test did result in a conviction for assisting construct the retreat tunnel under the bank, for which he received nine years. The Martínez homeowner was behind bars (either in detention or a correctional facility) just for 25 months, adhered to by 2 years of residence apprehension prior to being granted complete freedom.

Sebastián did attempt to go back to normality as soon as every little thing was stated as well as done, yet the truth is he was dispirited for around 6 months of his first liberty. That’s specifically considering that he knew his household was not just frightened yet likewise degraded; “They were all functioning people,” he when said. “My papa, an engineer; my grandpa, additionally a designer; my sis, a medical professional. A typical family. It transformed my life.”

The motorbike transformed jet ski specialist auto mechanic even added, “I was Sebastián the mechanic. I ended up being Sebastián the bank robber. Hence, although it seems like Sebastián has actually returned to routine work, he does prefer to maintain both his individual as well as professional life exclusive.

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