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Shabnam Dawran Now: Where is Afghan News Anchor Now?

HBO’s most recent docudrama, ‘Escape From Kabul,’ narrates the discharge initiatives in Kabul, Afghanistan, in August 2021, equally as the Taliban took control of. The customers discover of the remarkable death and the immense struggle the Afghan private citizens had to go with to be left, with many still being left. Shabnam Dawran, a journalist, belonged to the thousands that got away in time. So, if you’re interested to know more concerning the anchor as well as her existing whereabouts, we’ve obtained you covered.

That is Shabnam Dawran?

Shabnam Dawran started working as a press reporter covering social issues in 2016, ultimately coming to be a news anchor. In August 2021, she had been helping RTA Pashto for greater than 6 years. After the Taliban requisition, a press conference held suggested that ladies would certainly be allowed to function as well as research according to Islamic legislation. However, Shabnam soon found that wasn’t the case.

Shabnam kept in mind going to work at the time as well as said, “I was told to not come to function. When they announced previously that women would be enabled to research and also go to function, I obtained thrilled.

In spite of having an identity card, Shabnam had not been allowed to function; she was told asked to go house given that she was a lady. Shabnam later posted a video on Twitter talking concerning what happened, which went viral.

Where is Shabnam Dawran Today?

On the program, Shabnam Dawran chatted regarding the British federal government contacting her soon after the video was made public. Shabnam after that made the difficult choice to leave her moms and dads behind and also take her brother and sister with her.

Shabnam formerly functioned for TOLONews and also Shamshad Television as well as is currently an independent journalist. In August 2022, Shabnam was interviewed by Times Radio, where she implored the British government and also the UN’s Security Council to impose permissions on the Taliban. As of composing, Shabnam is safe in the United Kingdom, likely in London, with her siblings.

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