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‘She is not my biological daughter’ – Mr Ibu reacts to ‘daughter’ getting married to man she met on TikTok 

Standard Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu has reacted to the news of her adopted daughter, Jasmine, getting married to the person she met on Tiktok.

For Ibu, he has no downside with the unique pattern as he has been ready for Jasmine’s marriage.

“She is no longer my biological daughter but I expert her. She calls me daddy and I name her daughter. I am k with it (her getting married). I in actual fact were praying for them and I will preserve on doing that.

“Man and girl bought to know every diversified in some unspecified time in the future. It’s a dull process. Nonetheless, I don’t prefer to glimpse tears,” he said in an interview with Punch.

Talking on his experience within the early days of his occupation, the comedy actor said, “My experience within the industry has been good but within the route constructing my occupation, I encountered pretty hundreds of immoral folks. I was once overwhelmed publicly plenty of times thanks to the roles I in actual fact enjoy executed. I in actual fact enjoy additionally bought slaps without spending a dime but these incidents did no longer salvage me mad.”

Requested if he has the same opinion with these who disclose entertainers ought to aloof quit campaigning for politicians within the event that they’ll not expose them the truth about the pickle of the lots when it issues, Mr Ibu said, “(I am) completely k (with it). I in actual fact enjoy rejected many invites to be segment of the campaigns of politicians. Any flesh presser that does not enjoy the curiosity of the oldsters at coronary heart ought to aloof no longer be voted for.

“Many of them (politicians) will disclose every language they know to salvage on the factual aspect of the public and salvage their votes. Nonetheless, once they salvage into space of job, they wouldn’t give the public what they promised. That’s why it is exhausting for me to gallop for campaigns. I walked into (Bola) Tinubu’s enjoy. I was once counseled he known as us for a meeting. I walked in and saw a marketing campaign going on.”

Insisting that he does not prefer any of his kids to undergo a resemblance to him, he said, “God forbid that my kids glimpse love me. There ought to aloof be one thing horrifying with any of my kids who decides to resemble me.”


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