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Shrek Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More

Shrek is an American Animation movie. The director of this movie is Andrew Adamson. Shrek Movie Main Cast is Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. Shrek is very popular movie. What people would love to see. You can know the Shrek movie release date, cast, trailer and much more through this article. Check out the below information to know about Shrek Movie.

Shrek Movie

Shrek is the most popular Movie. Which many people like. This is Shrek Animation movie. You will get to see Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy in this movie. He has done a great job in Shrek movie. Apart from this, there is other cast. which is given below. To know more about Shrek Movie, watch the complete article given below.

Shrek Movie Details

Movie Name: Shrek
Director: Andrew Adamson
Shrek Release Date: May 16, 2001
Cast: Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy
Genres: Animation
Year: 2022
Movie: Hollywood
Country: American

Shrek Movie Release Date

Shrek is a Animation movie that you can. Shrek Movie Release date is May 16, 2001. Which we can see on the OTT platform. You can see all the dialogues of this movie. Shrek Movie Main Cast is Mike Myers as Eddie Murphy and Luke Macfarlane as Aaron. Mike Myers as Eddie Murphy’s fans are liking to watch this movie.

Shrek Movie Cast

To know about the cast of Shrek movie, we have prepared the list of Shrek movie cast for you. By seeing which you can know about the cast of Shrek movie. Do check out the list given below.

  • Bobby Block
  • Calvin Remsberg
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Chris Miller
  • Christopher Knights
  • Clive Pearse
  • Cody Cameron
  • Conrad Vernon
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Guillaume Aretos
  • Jacquie Barnbrook
  • Jean-Paul Vignon
  • Jim Cummings
  • John Bisom
  • John Lithgow
  • Kathleen Freeman
  • Matthew Gonder
  • Michael Galasso
  • Mike Myers
  • Peter Dennis
  • Simon J. Smith
  • Val Bettin
  • Vincent Cassel

From the above list, you have come to know about the cast of Shrek movie, which actor has played his character in Shrek movie. Which people have liked very much.

Shrek Movie Trailer

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