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Somebody Plot Synopsis and Ending, Explained: Why Does Kim Sum Kill Seong Yun-o?

Netflix’s ‘Somebody’ adheres to the tale of a woman called Kim Sum that drops in love with a serial killer named Seong Yun-o. He makes use of the app produced by Sum to tempt females and also then completely kill them.

Somebody Plot Synopsis

Kim Sum has actually constantly located it a little tough to comprehend individuals. The view has been reciprocated, which is why she never ever located somebody with whom she can absolutely link. To treat this, she produces an application called Someone.

While the app gives a pleased ending to numerous couples, there is a male that utilizes it to kill women. Seong Yun-o picks up girls and also murders them, developing numerous accounts on the application to keep his identification a trick. Picking up on his pattern, Kim Sum finds him but ends up getting in touch with him. This leads to a romance that obtains much more treacherous when it is revealed that Seong Yun-o virtually killed Sum’s buddy, Gi-eun.

Somebody Ending: Why Does Kim Sum Kill Seong Yun-o?

All Kim Sum ever before wanted was to locate somebody that can comprehend her. When she fulfills Yun-o, he accepts her for that he is. In the same capillary, Sum doesn’t care what Yun-o has done or is implicated of by others.

Over yun-o, sum and time bond with each other so totally that Sum is not prepared to give him up also when she uncovers that it was he that left his buddy for dead. While Gi-eun and Mok-won try to make Yun-o pay for what he did, Sum stands her ground and does not assist her good friends even when she can quickly turn the tide in their favor. The level of her loyalty convinces Yun-o that the two of them can have a future with each other, as well as he starts developing a location for them. This is where he calls her to fulfill in the last episode. He does not realize that by currently, a lot has actually transformed.

In spite of knowing that Yun-o is a serial awesome, Sum is not all set to offer him up due to the fact that he is the only person she has ever before really felt linked to, as well as she fears that she may never ever locate somebody like him again. Then, when the dead body of the lady from Princess Snacks is located, the police officers have a real criminal activity with evidence to connect to Yun-o.

Back at Spectrum, we discover that Samantha has been attempting to get rid of Yun-o too. His trail of bodies does not bode well for the app, and she additionally does not such as the budding partnership between him and Sum. Utilizing the cyberpunk Fingers, she provides Gi-eun the info she required from Yun-o’s account, leading the course for his failure. In addition to this, she additionally creates deep phony videos of Yun-o’s haunts as well as targets him with them. This leads Yun-o to break down and also he admits to Sum.

Before his admission, Sum had the factor of deniability. Because they never spoke about his criminal activities, they were never ever as actual to her. Now, when he in fact says it aloud, something changes. Sum currently understood that the wall surfaces are surrounding Yun-o, and his confession makes it clear to her that he will not have the ability to remain complimentary for too long. He has lost his side and faster instead of later, he is going to get caught.

Sum knows that Yun-o is going to fulfill his end, so she chooses that instead of someone else, it needs to be her who ends his tale. Rather of enjoying it endure, Sum decides to put it out of its anguish and also kills it. There is no hope left for Yun-o, so Sum places him out of his anguish.

Is Kim Sum a psycho?

While it is clear that Yun-o is a psychotic, there are particular points about Sum that make us question if she drops into the exact same classification. We recognize that Sum has Asperger’s which makes it a little bit hard for her to understand emotions. Even as a youngster, Sum got hooked on the color of anxiety.

For many years, Sum improves acquainted with the emotions and learns to resemble and also dramatize them under the best circumstances. Still, she has a preference for physical violence, which just comes out when she eliminates among the men that try to rape her after she is welcomed on an incorrect date by Agape, who was in fact Yun-o. While Sum confesses that eliminating the man made her feeling blissful, she likewise becomes conscious of her own feelings.

Sum knows that it is not good to feel better after killing someone. While she does not fully understand the emotion, she acknowledges the requirement to cleanse herself of this sensation. The even more time she invests with Yun-o, the extra she really feels drawn to this darkness. This is why she looks to Mok-won to assist her expel this darkness from her. As well as this is what confirms that Sum is not truly a psycho.

Each and every single one of us is capable of doing poor things, but the majority of us pay attention to the voice of our conscience. It is the basic fact that despite the number of dark ideas we have, we never ever act on them which confirms the problem of an individual’s mind. Sum falls under the category of typical people. There are three times when she wields a blade as well as eliminates a creature. The very first time, it is the injured pet cat. While it comes out as a little bit scary, it is not a totally amoral act. Normal individuals often euthanize animals. This makes Sum’s act no different than any person else’s.

The 2nd time Sum eliminates someone is when she is threatened. It is caused due to the misconception created by Yun-o, Sum truly believes that the team of men is trying to rape her.

The last time Sum eliminates someone, things are substantially much less black and white, and also this is where it is crucial to remember that she doesn’t see the world the very same means the majority of individuals do. While people, in basic, draw a line at people when it comes to grace killing, Sum doesn’t share that belief. It is this purpose that separates her from the likes of Yun-o and also proves that Sum is numerous points, but being a psychopath is not one of them.

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