Sonia Ogiri tackles Yetunde Bakare over take on living abroad


American-based Nigerian actress, Sonia Ogiri has said that one can easily gather wealth living abroad compared to Nigeria.

The actress made this statement while reacting to her colleague’s statement about Nigerians leaving abroad.

Yetunde Bakare had said that living abroad doesn’t make people rich or wealthy.

She said: “Isn’t it funny how some Nigerians in diaspora think they’ve automatically made it just because they don’t stay in Nigeria even the ones living off their partners or doing fraud.

“They believe everybody in Nigeria is broke and frustrated but the truth is some people are extremely rich and would rather stay in Nigeria. Traveling/living abroad doesn’t make you wealthy or rich at heart so be humble.”

Reacting to the post, Ogiri said: “Let’s stop deceiving other people with our personal ideology. Being rich starts with your mind, beliefs, input, environment, system etc. Yes, I am rich after I left Nigeria. I lived in Nigeria from birth, struggled to make ends meet with little results, 45-50% of my spending was contributed by the man in my life at the time. Some have rich uncles/relatives that help them but I never had that.

“Let me talk about the USA, for example, the system teaches you to work with your hands and you get instant results for your work without anyone telling you stories at the end of the week. I do two jobs, others do even three cause the more you work, the better legit money you get. I boldly spend money now after investing some because I know my source which is my hand and I won’t stop working.

Talk about lights, roads, systems etc, what else should make you live/feel rich in this life again. Do you even know about the devaluation of Naira to Dollar ( other currency)? . Biko let people that want to travel, travel in peace after all, na their experience not yours. One love sis.”

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