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Spielberg is interested in directing for TV and would accept to helm Mare of Eastown

Steven Spielberg is willing to explore other areas of audiovisual. For the Smartless podcast (via Variety), he revealed that he has an interest in directing for TV and confesses that there was a series that he would have loved to have directed. “If someone had brought me Mare of Easttown I would have done it straight away [laughs]. That was a beautifully directed story,” said the filmmaker.

In his resume, he has already produced the miniseries Irmãos de Guerra (2001) for HBO, but he has never directed a TV show. “I have an appetite for long-form films, and someday I will direct a long-form series,” Spielberg said.

Spielberg came close to directing an HBO series when he considered turning Lincoln into a six-hour miniseries. “I was willing to do ‘Lincoln’ as a six-hour [show] because I couldn’t raise all the funding for it.”

“Nobody believed it… I walked around town and everybody rejected me. I was ready to do a deal with HBO to do it and expand it to six hours. Tony Kushner’s first draft was 550 pages, so I had it all! I had the stuff. I don’t know if I could have convinced Daniel Day-Lewis [actor who starred in the title role] to do six hours, but I was on the verge of it.

In Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet lives the title character, a police detective from a small town in Pennsylvania, who investigates a murder case while going through a crisis in her personal life. The production is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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