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Spoilers & Preview: The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 8

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 8 is on its way after the anime recently updated the latest episode, trending online. The upcoming episode will air soon. Let’s look at the recent episode of The Case Study of Vanitas. The Vampire of the Blue Moon, who has The Book of Vanitas in his hands, continues to save the Vampire Nation. Vanitas continues to work with Noe, and the two have different goals. They protect each other from the enemies that want to eliminate them. The crew faces a new army of vampires that is against the saving of the Vampires.

Noe had been through a lot before meeting and after meeting Vanitas, who brought changes in his life. Vanitas saved him from Charlat, who wanted to take advantage of him since he knows the truth about Loise, who died in front of Noe. Charlatan realizes that Noe’s weakness is Loise and tries to use that to his advantage. Vanitas arrived and ruined the plans. Charlatan decided to leave the battlefield after receiving others from his underlings. He told Noe that they would meet and he will give him a new name.

Jeann decides to punish Charlatan, but he escaped with his army. Domi and Vanitas work together to dispel the magic cast on the Cursed-Ones. Vanitas uses the Book of Vanitas to cure the vampires and stop them from rampaging. After succeeding with their mission, the duo met at the tall building, and Noe opens up. Noe told Vanitas that he would never abandoned him no matter what human thinks and how many enemies he has since he has found a ray of light in him.

Previously on The Case-Study: of Vanitas Episode 7

After taking care of all the Cursed-Ones, Luca takes everyone to the restaurant, and Vanitas teaches Noe to dance. Noe realizes that he knows nothing and told Vanitas that he wanted to ask something. Vanitas told Noe to ask anything he wants, and Noe asks what love is. Vanitas got disappointed and head to join others at the table. Noe is excited that they made a treat he likes and thanks to Luca for bringing them into a luxurious restaurant. Domi adds that Noe always loves this treat ever since his childhood.

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas

Vanitas looks at the food and wonders what is fantastic about it. Luca comments that his vampire uncle went to the humans’ world to get the recipe and returned here. Domi realizes that by vampire uncle, Luca refers to her uncle since he is the restaurant owner. Luca thanks Noe for saving him during the vampire incidents, and Noe replies that he was not doing that alone. Vanitas tries to taste the treat and finds that it is too sweet, and he is not familiar with sugary stuff.

Jeann also thanks the trio and Vanitas gave his food to Noe. Noe is glad and told them that Vanitas uses his powers to protect everyone. Luca talked about the curse bearers and said he wouldn’t thank Vanitas until Vanitas apologizes. Vanitas asks why and Luca reminds him about the day he kissed Jeann. They both enjoy the luxury of the restaurant. Later, Noe asks Vanitas about love, and Vanitas replies that the feeling of love happens to him whenever he is near Jeann.

The Case-Study: of Vanitas Episode 8 Release Date

The Case-Study: of Vanitas Episode 8 will be released on Saturday, 21 August, at 12:00 AM. This anime will continue to air a new show every Saturday. The new episode in different regions will air on Friday, and you can use your country’s time to get the new episode as soon as it is released online. Keep in mind the 2nd cour of this anime is TBA. Look at the preview of The Case Study of Vanitas below.

Where To Watch The Case-Study: of Vanitas Episode 8?

You can watch The Case-Study: of Vanitas Episode 8 online on Funimation and ANIPLUS. The Case-Study-of Vanitas updates the latest news on its official website, other platforms, and the latest episodes are in English subtitles. The episodes will air on Funimation at the same time when the anime releases. Also Read: Spoilers: Shaman King (2021) Episode 19.

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