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Spy x Family Episode 14 Recap, Ending, Explained

In the fourteenth episode of ‘Spy x Family’ titled ‘Disarm the Time Bomb,’ Anya checks out the mind of the white esper dog to learn that Loid will pass away in a blast if she does refrain from doing anything to conserve him. Meanwhile, the Westalis spies are on the move to conserve the life of the Foreign Minister as they start to run out of time. Below’s whatever you need to learn about the ending of ‘Spy x Family’ episode 14.

Spy x Family Episode 14 Recap

After Yor knocks out among the terrorists, she turns her attention toward Keith, who determines to get away rather than encountering her. She understands that she can’t pursue such an unsafe man while she is with Anya. As a result, she calls the authorities to educate them concerning him, to make sure that he is jailed as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Anya reads the mind of the white esper dog as well as is shocked to see a future vision of Loid passing away in a blast. She recognizes that she has to spring right into activity before it’s far too late. Nonetheless, if she attempts to inform her mother regarding the pet dog’s capacity to see the future, she risks obtaining revealed for having mind-reading powers in the process.

At the same time, the Westalis spies manage to find a few other terrorists too. When they are examined, all of them decline to open their mouth or reveal any information. Keith, who is watching all the dramatization unfold from a range, realizes that the entire assassination strategy is now on his shoulders alone and also he have to eliminate the Foreign Minister on his own.

Spy x Family Episode 14 Ending: Does Anya Manage to Save Her Father And Change The Future?
Soon after realizing that Loid’s life remains in threat, Anya springs right into action. She might not manage to inform Yor regarding her telepathic powers or the white pet dog’s ability to see the future. Consequently, she takes off by remaining on the rear of the pet dog while her mommy is active informing authorities concerning the terrorist. By recalling the visions of the future, the eccentric duo handles to reach the clock tower where the blast is anticipated to take place. There Anaya realizes that the bomb will certainly go off in the next half an hour and also she have to do something in that time to save her papa.

Anya evaluates the nearby area and also mistakenly comes throughout Keith and also one of the pet dogs that he has outfitted with a bomb. Anya and also the white esper pet dog discover the area and Anya enters it with a window.

Just a few minutes after, Loid and also other spies quickly reach the area. While one of the spies grabs the knob and is around to turn it, Loid stops him as his digestive tract sensation informs him otherwise.

Do Other and loid WISE Spies Manage to Save the Foreign Minister.

As the Foreign Minister is getting ready for the vital event, he listens to a knock on his door. Moments later he emerges from his space as well as to every person’s surprise leave by driving the car on his own. For some inexplicable reason, he drives simply on the appropriate road to be identified by Keith who is waiting to achieve the assassination strategy. The terrorist mastermind naturally follows his automobile. At the same time, the other spies that were previously with Loid see Keith also as well as chase him.

Keith is fast to respond back and also using a hand bomb stops the spies from seeking him. While they surprisingly endure the blast, the spies are normally in no setting to follow him any longer.

Loid right away sends the skilled dog equipped with a bomb to kill him. While he expects the canine to overtake the Foreign Minister quickly, he is shocked to see him leap from one wall to one more to conserve his life despite his aging. He ultimately ends up in an alley where Loid eliminates his mask to disclose that he has actually been disguised as the Foreign Minister all this time.

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