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Spy x Family Episode 15 Recap, Ending, Explained

In the fifteenth episode of ‘Spy x Family’ labelled ‘A New Family Member,’ Loid successfully deactivates the pet dog approaching him as well as throws the bomb in the river prior to it takes off. Anya later encourages her father to keep the psychic white canine with her however has a hard time to believe of a name for him.

As Loid manages to fool the terrorist to send the canine after him, he intelligently encounters an isolated street. The skilled pet fasts sufficient to keep up with the secret spy and at some point gets very near to him. With the bomb strapped on its back, the dog plunges in the direction of Loid and also bites his arm. The terrorist who is adhering to both of them in a cars and truck lastly reaches there also as well as sees the pet biting Loid’s arm from a range thinking he is actually the Foreign preacher.

As soon as the bomb detonates and Loid handles to press the pet into the close-by dustbin, the terrorist finally realizes that the guy he has been following about is not in fact the Foreign Minister. By this time Loid has actually already memorized the car plate and also understands that he would not be able to run away much, so he does not follow him.

Elsewhere Yor is still seeking Anya and is seriously concerned that she will certainly wind up in the hands of the terrorist. While she is on a foot-over bridge seeking her child, she notifications the terrorist attempting to flee in his cars and truck. With no worry, Yor jumps right in front of his vehicle and also as the terrorist attempts to steer in the various other instructions, she kicks so tough that he loses control and winds up hitting the lampost. She after that educates the authorities as well as remains to look for Anya.

Loid, Yor, and Anya ultimately meet each other at the exact same time. When Anya realizes that the dog will now be taken away, she endangers to rebel and not go back to college.

The adhering to day when Anya ultimately reunites with her canine close friend, she can not manage her exhilaration. Nonetheless, she quickly recognizes that she should consider a name for her pet dog. When she goes to school, Anya identifies that this is her possibility to save the globe again. She can obtain closer to Damian by informing him regarding her canine, who will with any luck invite her to his home to reveal his pet dog. It will certainly provide Loid the chance to satisfy Damian Desmond and make his goal a success.

Anya’s strategies show up also a lot more persuading when Becky welcomes her to her home so that their pet dogs can play with each other. Because Anya hasn’t believed of a name yet, she is left stunned after which Damian strolls away after informing her that she does not deserve to possess a pet dog.

Spy x Family Episode 15 Ending: What Does Anya Name Her Dog?

After returning residence from school that day, Anya aspires to finally think of a name for her pet dog yet is still clueless. The Forgers after that head to a pet park where Anya attempts to show her pet dog exactly how to bring something, but winds up quiting quickly. She after that randomly begins asking complete strangers just how they named their pets, curious to figure out a means to finally think of a name for her canine friend too.

On the other hand, Yor as well as Loid are watching her from a range. Anya instantly understands that her handwear covers are missing out on. While she and her moms and dads start looking for it, her animal recognizes specifically where to look for them. He tips in the direction of a brownish pet dog that is walking away with the gloves. When Anya notifications, she tries to take them back however the pet dog barks at her. Anya’s canine close friend that is much bigger in dimension looks down at the brownish pet, who simply flees leaving the handwear covers behind.

At that moment, Anya recalls an episode from her favorite program Bondman, and also lastly comes up with a name for her family pet. She informs her parents that she will certainly call her canine close friend Bond from now on. Later on that evening, Loid informs Anya to prepare to research as he goes to take a shower. After returning, he and Yor locate Anya sleeping peacefully near Bond, so they determine to not disturb both brand-new pals.

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