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Star of “Operation” Fortune “: 10 interesting facts about Aubrey Plaza

How the actress didn’t go on a date with Ryan Gosling and almost became a villain in Scream.

In four days (January 12), a new film by the master of crime films Guy Ritchie will be released – the spy thriller ” Operation Fortune: The Art of Winning “, in which Aubrey Plaza played one of the main roles. In anticipation of the premiere, we invite you to find out more about the actress who perfectly embodied the female version of James Bond on the screen.

Aubrey was named after a song

Young Aubrey Plaza was born in the family of financial consultant David and lawyer Bernadette. Despite the careers of their parents, far from creativity, from the first glance at their baby, they realized that a very unusual child had appeared in their family. In an interview with Delaware Today, her mother said:

It was the feeling of specialness that came from the girl that prompted the girl’s parents to name her after the song Aubrey by Bread. This is a very soft and sweet lyrical composition that seems to caress the soul of its listeners and, of course, serves as an eternal reminder of the love of Aubrey’s parents for their beautiful daughter.

She attended a Catholic school

Unlike most of her peers, the young actress received her first education not at a regular school, but at a special Catholic institution for girls in her hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. While many stereotyped films may have given audiences the impression that Catholic schools are gloomy institutions where harsh discipline reigns, in the case of Aubrey, everything turned out to be completely different. She really enjoyed studying at her school, and her teacher nuns were pleasant and cheerful women who often walked around the halls in brightly colored T-shirts. Pupils were also often allowed to come to school in free form, which Aubrey gladly used, dressing up in different costumes.

She had a stroke in college

One of the most tragic incidents in Aubrey’s life was a stroke, which she experienced while studying at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. During an improv comedy class, a blood clot blocked the flow of blood through a vessel in her brain. The situation turned out to be especially dangerous for her life, as classmates thought that the actress was just playing a scene:

Luckily, help arrived just in time. Due to a stroke, Aubrey was temporarily paralyzed, and also briefly suffered from pronounced aphasia, that is, she could not build letters and sounds into complete words and sentences. Later, she was able to completely overcome all the negative consequences of this incident.

She copied April Lovegate’s look from her sister

Aubrey not only loves his relatives very much, but sometimes even uses them as inspiration for his acting work.

For a long time, Plaza’s most iconic character was the dark and laconic April Lovegate, one of the central characters of the popular comedy series Parks and Recreation . Many viewers of the show were captivated by her lively spontaneity and sense of humor, and this is not at all surprising, because the actress wrote off the image of the character from a real teenager, namely, from her younger sister Natalie. In a 2009 interview with Latina Magazine, Aubrey admitted that it was her sister’s mannerisms that became the basis for her unforgettable role:

In addition to Natalie, Aubrey has another younger sister, Renee Plaza. Their trinity can often be seen together at various official events.

Aubrey is very kind to his roots.

In addition to Rene and Natalie, Aubrey often goes to the red carpet with his other relatives, for example, with his beloved grandmother, who lives on the distant sunny tropical islands of Puerto Rico. The actress’s father, David, comes from a Puerto Rican immigrant family, so she has a very large friendly family on the islands, whom she likes to show off at any opportunity. In addition, Aubrey tries to spend every free summer in Puerto Rico. At the same time, for all the long months and years she lived there, she was never able to learn Spanish. According to her, due to the language barrier, she cannot fully talk with half of her relatives:

Aubrey turned down a date with Ryan Gosling twice

When exactly this egregious incident occurred, the actress did not specify, but, according to her, at that time Gosling was not yet so popular, so she did not recognize him when they met. He accidentally spotted her at the Jamba Juice bar and approached her with a typical “Hey baby” roll. She simply asked him if he was an actor, took her drink and left. He then tried to ask her out on an illusionist show through their mutual friend. But Aubrey had already planned a trip to Amy Poehler’s charity evening for the same day, so their romance never took place. Now the actress recalls this story with a laugh. Gosling prefers not to comment on it.

She could play the main villain in Scream 4

Given Aubrey’s fondness for dark colors and black humor, it’s surprising that the actress rarely plays lead roles in horror films. It seems that the producers can not see her potential in the horror genre.

But once she was still close to getting the central villainous role in the cult Scream 4 , although the attempt turned out to be a failure. The reason for the failure, oddly enough, was Aubrey’s too serious approach to working on the character. The actress recalled this incident in an interview with Hits Radio:

Aubrey was once kicked out of an awards ceremony for stealing the prize.

In the biography of Plaza, you can find quite strange and even scandalous moments.

The loudest scandal that the actress has been involved in so far was her attempt to steal the prize at the MTV Awards in 2013. During the speech of Will Farrell (the actor received a special award “Genius of Comedy”), she went on stage and tried to snatch the figurine from his hands. At this time, a large inscription The To Do List could be seen on Aubrey’s chest, referring to the comedy “Who to sleep with?!” (The To Do List) starring her, who was also nominated for an MTV award that year. After failing to collect the award, Aubrey calmly moved away from Farrell and sat down in her seat in the audience. She was later escorted out of the building by security.

The reasons for this mysterious incident are still unknown. However, Farrell suggested that Plaza simply overdid it, as during the “assault” he smelled strong liquor on her breath.

She Almost Married Michael Cera

Plaza and Michael Cera met on the set of the cult film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and soon began dating. They never revealed to reporters all the details of their personal life together, but once Aubrey let slip that their relationship was serious enough and almost ended in a wedding. During a trip from New York to Los Angeles, they briefly stopped in Las Vegas and, just like in the movies, almost got married at one of the local wedding venues, but they still did not become a happy married couple. After dating for about a year and a half, Aubrey and Michael decided to part ways. And last year, in 2021, the actress married director Jeff Bain, the author of the films Joshi and If Your Girlfriend Is a Zombie., whom I had met for almost ten years before, since 2011.

Aubrey recently starred in her first spy action movie.

In the near future, the actress can be seen in the film “Operation Fortune: The Art of Winning” , a new author’s project by the famous British director Guy Ritchie . In the film, Aubrey played the role of the charming spy Sarah Fidel. According to the actress, she was incredibly happy to try herself in the spy thriller genre, because she had never had to act in such projects before:

“This is a chance for me to work with Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham . And I agreed, because I had never starred in anything like this before. My heroine saves the world by drinking wine. Just like James Bond.”

In the story, Sarah wants to prove to Orson, the hero of Statham, that American women can be no less effective operatives than British men, so she enters into a friendly rivalry with him.

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