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Star Trek Teases A Distinction TOS Villain In Strange New Worlds

Star Trek Teases A Distinction TOS Villain In Strange New Worlds

“The Serene Squall” locates Captain Pike’s team ferrying a (meant) altruistic worker called Dr. Aspen right into the “wild west” of Federation room, but the mission rapidly comes down into mayhem when the Enterprise obtains assailed by pirates. Dr. Aspen substantially reveals themselves as Angel, the pirates’ captain, and also the Enterprise is quickly strolling the proverbial slab.

The Serene Squall’s most intelligent gambit is capturing the Enterprise within an energy internet. As Lieutenant Ortegas very carefully cruise ships toward the pirates’ decoy signal, one little bump against a planet sets off loads of blue beams that develop a blue geometric cage around Pike’s ship. The beams are connected using numerous planets in the field, and also Spock hypothesizes that going across the barrier will certainly result in overall devastation. Only by shooting at the controlling beacon can the catch be shut off, but choosing a target includes the sort of renegade risk-taking Vulcans lose sleep over.

The way Pike’s bridge staff all act like they’ve been caught with their pants down suggests this laser web technology is unlike anything the Enterprise has encountered formerly … yet the same isn’t necessarily real for folks that remember Captain Kirk’s exploits in Star Trek: The Original Series. Season 3’s “The Tholian Web” episode finds Spock assuming temporary command while the Enterprise launches a rescue mission for the phasing Captain Kirk. Both catches are activated by physical contact (2 Tholian ships bumping or the Enterprise against a planet), and both share the very same angular geometric layout.

Captain Angel’s Serene Squall could probably be using an earlier variation of Tholian web technology in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Angel’s pirates invade ships on the side of Federation space, and also absolutely might’ve looted a pair from the Tholian Assembly. Even much more appealing, Captain Angel may be functioning together with the Tholians.

Not every facet of the Serene Squall’s web mirrors The Original Series’ Tholian web. The last took a painfully long time to create, whereas Captain Angel’s constructs itself in simple seconds. The pirates’ version additionally brings a deadly weakness (shooting down the controller beacon), however such differences do not instantly refute a connection between these 2 tools. Possibly Captain Angel’s pirates sped-up the procedure at the price of developing a significant disadvantage, or perhaps the Tholians begin building their catches stronger (albeit much slower) after Spock breaks one in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Whether Captain Angel has Tholian connections or not (visitors might figure out if Jesse James Keitel’s personality returns), it’s weird that Leonard Nimoy’s Spock does not make the connection. Confronted by the Tholians’ growing lattice in Star Trek’s “The Tholian Web,” Spock notes, “There’s no example to this structure in Federation technology” but Strange New Worlds episode 7 confirms Spock experienced a strangely similar scenario serving under Captain Pike just a few years earlier. Surely, the Serene Squall event could’ve offered Spock some concepts when confronting the Tholian internet?

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