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Stephen Trantel: Where is The Long Island Bank Robber Now?

Every early morning Stephen Trantel would go out to work in a suit, and also Jeanne believed that her partner’s success was raking in money for the family members. ‘Love Honor Betray: The Unusual Suspect’ narrates Stephen’s life as well as reveals how a disastrous as well as abrupt phone call turned Jeanne’s life on its head.

Who Is Stephen Trantel?

Stephen was a very successful Wall Street Trader Clerk who made his lot of money on the trading flooring. In the very early 1990s, while business was in full swing, Stephen fulfilled his better half, Jeanne, at a bar, and also the two were right away drawn in to each various other.

The couple gave birth to two kids, and also Stephen’s professional life was also increasing as he as well as Jeanne stepped into the brand-new centuries. Once 2003 came about, things took a turn for the worst. According to records, Stephen wager his cash on the future of crude oil and incurred heavy losses, which additionally brought about him shedding his place in Wall Street. He attempted several approaches to get his cash back, getting an increasing number of determined each time, but to no avail.

Unemployed and also without cash, Stephen was at a loss and also had no suggestion what to do. He rejected to educate his partner regarding his circumstance as well as rather went about as if nothing had actually occurred. Every morning he would certainly put on his fit and also act to visit work. On the other hand, Jeanne did see glitch with her other half. She saw that his wellness was on the decline. Stephen was also slimming down, looking neglected, as well as had established a short temper. She suspected absolutely nothing until a phone call in November 2003 opened her eyes, and also an investigator notified her that Stephen was jailed for a collection of bank burglaries.

According to reports, Stephen had devised an effective plan wherein he would target banks with no security guards and park his vehicle a small distance away. Stephen would then put on a disguise, walk into the bank and hand the teller a note, which according to the show, said, “Hey, I have a gun. Incidentally, this method proved so useful that Stephen was able to rob ten banks before the police finally got on his trail.

Where Is Stephen Trantel Now?

As soon as detained, Stephen asserted that he was innocent as his family and friends put his bond cash together. However, later on, he admitted to his partner and told her everything, from shedding his task to the slew of burglaries as well as his eventual arrest. When prosecuted in 2004, Stephen took an appeal deal and was sent to prison for nine years. Stephen’s arrest and conviction destroyed his relationship with Jeanne. She declared divorce around 8 months after her then-husband was sent to prison.

Jeanne had filed for divorce, she wanted Stephen to keep in touch with their children and thus, took them to prison to visit their father from time to time until she handed over the task to an aunt in 2009. Once released in 2012, Stephen decided to rebuild his life. At present, Stephen resides in Chatham, New York, and is employed as a manager at an Applebee’s.

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