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Steve Calkins Now: Where is Ex-Florida Sheriff Deputy Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared: Crime and Punishment’ chronicle the disappearance of 2 men, a 27-year-old American named Terrance Williams and also a 24-year-old Mexican named Felipe Santos in January 2004 and also October 2003, respectively. Both Terrance as well as Felipe vanished inexplicably, as well as their bodies were never found.

The only common link in between those 2 males is that they had been come close to by then-officer Steve Calkins and also were last seen getting involved in his automobile. The episode follows the investigation process as well as helps the audiences understand all the information. So that is Steve Calkins? Allow’s learn.

That is Steve Calkins?

By January 2004, Steven H. “Steve” Calkins was a Collier County Sheriff’s Office Corporal who had actually served the forces for 17 years. The cars and truck had actually been town at the demand of Steve, who had actually likewise authorized the tow record.

To the dismay of Terrance’s family members, Steve had actually never ever submitted any incident record or arrest memorandum, leaving no paper trail concerning his contact with Terrance. Several witnesses had actually seen Steve at the Naples Memorial Cemetery with Terrance as well as saw him get involved in Steve’s police car. Steve claimed he had no memories of the occurrence, yet later on, he was able to recollect conference Terrance. His managers asked him for an incident record in which he mentioned that he saw Terrance’s automobile “in distress” at around 12:15 pm on January 12, 2004.

Steve followed the auto to the cemetery car park whole lot and concurred to give the polite Terrance a flight to the neighboring Circle K given that the latter mentioned he was late for job. An upset Steve after that ran Terrance’s number plate to find that the tags had expired.

Picture Credit: Never Seen Again/Paramount

Private investigators looking into Terrance’s disappearance found numerous discrepancies in Steve’s variation of occasions. There was no document of his contact us to Circle K and neither he neither Terrance was not seen in monitoring video or by the staff members there. Marcia submitted an issue versus Steve and an interior examination versus him was launched. The situation obtained better complicated when the Miami Mexican Consulate informed Marcia that a Mexican immigrant, named Felipe Santos, went missing in a comparable style after he was jailed by Steve in October 2013.

While an examination got rid of Steve’s name, Felipe’s household suspected bad deed. The FBI as well as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were knotted right into the investigation as private investigators utilized different techniques, consisting of positioning a hidden GPS tool in Steven’s auto along with cadaver canines. No brand-new proof chopped up that could help find either Terrance or Felipe. Nonetheless, it was stated on the program that detectives acquired the call record where Steve was making a tow demand to the dispatch; the recording presumably had instances of racial slurs along with conflicting declarations on Steve’s part.

Where is Steve Calkins Today?

Steve was fired in 2004 on the grounds of being uncooperative with the investigation and also offering contrasting declarations. Records show that Steve lived in the southeast component of the town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 2014, before relocating to the northeastern side of the community.

The lawsuit was sent out to a neutral party or non-binding settlement that located no proof that incriminated Steve in Terrance’s disappearance, though the mediator discovered Steve uncooperative. The adjudication was unsealed as well as entered right into judgment which translated to Steve being discovered not guilty and that Marcia would receive no damages on her claims.

In December 2020, Crump submitted a motion for reconsideration and also a brand-new trial but was rejected on allure in January 2022. Steve is presently in his late 60s and also still likely living in Cedar Rapids with his enjoyed ones. He has and keeps a reduced profile refrained from making details of his exclusive life in addition to his present area open secret.

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