Susan and Richard Hamlin: Where is Survivor and Abusive Husband Now?

Susan and Richard Hamlin: Where is Survivor and Abusive Husband Now?

A threatening browse through to the authorities in February 2004 led to a strange admission from Susan Hamlin. Yet as the authorities dug deeper, it was clear that there was more to the story than what was apparent, which ultimately brought about her husband Richard’s apprehension. Examination Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: Trapped in Hell’ concentrates on the years of mental as well as physical misuse that Richard put Susan with and its consequences. So, let’s figure out what took place after that, shall we?

Who Are Susan and Richard Hamlin?

Susan as well as Richard were both attorneys and fulfilled at legislation institution. At that time, Susan took up the duty of a full-time mother to care for their 4 children.

Points all of a sudden turned in February 2004 when Susan as well as Richard went to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. There, Susan made two shocking admissions.

Susan after that told the cops that she had actually molested her own kids. A closer look revealed that a pair of weeks prior, the cops investigated when Richard accidentally fired himself at house as well as saw that Susan had bruises on her face. One of Richard as well as Susan’s daughters once told her instructor that she couldn’t come to college due to the fact that her mom had actually broken ribs.

Once Susan as well as Richard were interrogated separately, points began to get rid of up. At one point, Richard asserted that Susan’s daddy raped as well as abused her and also prompted her to speak concerning it.

Susan stated if she didn’t claim what Richard wanted to hear, things transformed out to be horrible for her. He would certainly put a weapon to my head and ask if I was prepared to die. He would certainly inform me what to tell him occurred when I was a kid, and also I would simply have to make anything up.

The four children also told the police concerning the abuse they saw. One of them kept in mind that Richard dragged their mom by her hair once. In the time leading up to the occurrence, Susan asserted that Richard compelled her to rest close to him while he held a packed weapon to her chest. At some time in February 2004, Susan declared that Richard turned a sword around her, choked her, and hit her. He continuously threatened her in the past too. When Susan was analyzed in March 2004, she had inflamed ears, a bruised face, a damaged nose, swellings on the remainder of her body, and busted ribs.

Where is Richard Hamlin Today?

At Richard’s trial, the prosecution specified that he was economically battling, leading him to extort as well as attempt $1 million from the father-in-law by claiming Susan was abused. At one factor, Richard even informed their youngsters that Susan was possessed which he had to beat her to get the devils out. In January 2006, Richard was founded guilty of abuse, 3 counts of spousal misuse, making fatality hazards, as well as 3 counts of kid endangerment. In September 2006, after that 46 years old, he was punished to life behind bars with the opportunity of parole. For now, Richard remains incarcerated at California Health Care Facility in Stockton, San Joaquin County. His parole was denied in 2011 as well as 2019.

Where is Susan Hamlin Today?

Susan and the kids had a long road to recovery after the challenge. Susan and also the kids were emphatically against Richard getting out on parole.

Susan still lives in El Dorado Hills, albeit in a various residence. After the situation ended, Susan worked as Vice President/Branch Manager for a bank for a little over a years. For the previous five years, Susan has been the Director Of Business Development for Volunteers of America Northern California Northern Nevada Inc

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