Susan Robin Bender: Found or Missing Is She Dead or Alive

Susan Robin Bender: Found or Missing Is She Dead or Alive

When young adult Susan Robin Bender left residence one day in April 1986, little bit did her mom Patricia recognize that it would be the last time she saw her. The Crime Junkie podcast episode ‘Missing: Susan Robin Bender’ elaborately talks about the events leading up to and also after Susan went missing, making one ponder this puzzling case.

What Happened to Susan Robin Bender?

Born on November 27, 1970, Susan Robin Bender coped with her mom, Patricia Chupco, in Modesto, California. According to the podcast and also Pat, the two shared a somewhat rough partnership, with constant debates finishing in Susan fleing from house for short durations twice. Points had been brought back to regular, and on April 25, 1986, the 15-year-old young adult left home to see some good friends in Carmel for a couple of days. Hence, she went to the Greyhound terminal in Modesto to board a bus.

While waiting on the bus, Susan apparently ran into her good friend, that later on saw her making a payphone call before willingly getting involved in an olive green van that brought up. According To Crime Junkie, Susan called Pat that night, yet instead of being with the friends’ she had actually asserted to see, the last heard her former company “Roger’s” voice behind-the-scenes. Provided Pat’s previous conflicts with him, she feared he may have damaged her little girl and desperately called the good friends Susan was expected to check out.

When they stated that they had actually not seen Susan for virtually a year, the frantic mommy realized something was up and spoke to the police. Shockingly, Susan’s diary, phone book, and also a few clothing were retrieved from his home.

While this was substantial evidence, it wasn’t enough to incriminate Roger in the teenager’s disappearance, as the cops still questioned if she was dead or alive. While the search for Susan proceeded, Pat maintained believing that Roger was in some way attached to her daughter’s loss. Nonetheless, she and also the authorities quickly found one more opportunity that made them fear that Susan had been killed.

Is Susan Robin Bender Missing or Found?

Sadly, Susan Robin Bender is still missing, more than 36 years after she disappeared from the Modesto Greyhound depot in 1986. Remarkably, Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine, referred to as the Speed Freak Killers, were arrested in 1999 for 4 murders as well as around 72 suspected ones over 15 years. Considering that their location of procedure, San Joaquin County, was barely half an hour from Modesto, the authorities as well as Pat began questioning if Susan was just one of their victims.

Additionally, between 2010 and also 2012, at least three burial sites indicated by Wesley exposed the remains of a number of targets, consisting of girls like the missing young adult. This was just a fired into the dark, as well as the authorities were incapable to attach the Speed Freak Killers to Susan. The podcast specifies that at one point, the cops additionally quickly thought Lawrence Singleton, a notorious 51-year-old Florida local that had actually selected 15-year-old hitchhiker Mary Vincent in September 1978, simply outside Modesto.

Lawrence after that continued to extremely rape her and also mutilate her forearms, leaving her to pass away by tossing her off a 30-foot cliff afterward. The good news is, Mary endured in some way, and also Lawrence was nabbed and also sentenced to 14 years behind bars, though he was paroled after serving only 8 years. Considering that Lawrence was roaming around complimentary when Susan went away as well as her similarities to Mary, the Modesto authorities considered him to be connected to the situation for a short while, later dismissing the lead as a result of no evidence.

Surprisingly, though Susan’s instance at some point went cool as a result of an absence of any type of advancements or leads, the Modesto police reopened it in October 2021, hoping to discover fresh leads that help them find her. The authorities feel that they might have identified particular locations of opportunity to proceed with the examination and also have found some possible new interviewees who may know.

Additionally, the cops think that technical improvements will certainly help them track Susan or a minimum of discover what took place to her. They have likewise asked for every person to call them if they locate any type of appropriate pointers about the missing female, who would certainly now be in her early 50s. With this new advancement, Pat is enthusiastic that her daughter will be found and also continues to look day-to-day for her. We hope they all get the solutions they need and that Susan returns residence to her enjoyed ones soon.

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