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Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 1 Recap and also Ending, Explained

AMC’s post-apocalyptic collection ‘Tales of the Walking Dead,’ set in the same universe as ‘The Walking Dead,’ revolves around a number of fascinating stories in the wake of the zombie armageddon. The very first episode of the program, labelled ‘Evie/Joe,’ adheres to Joe, who lays out to locate a chatmate he utilized to text after the armageddon. He encounters Evie, that holds Joe at gunpoint to utilize him as her “personal chauffeur.” The episode ends with astounding growths that endanger the duo’s lives and also turn the very same right into a brand-new path. Let us be your ally if you desire to dig deeper right into the episode’s ending! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 1 Recap

‘Evie/Joe’ begins with Joe trying his finest to survive the zombie apocalypse with his dog Gilligan in an underground bunker. Given that he has prepared for the worst, Joe has actually succeeded in saving necessary resources for him yet has actually shut his door to any person that desired aid to make it through the pedestrians.

Joe and Evie fight pedestrians together and also they both start to rely on each various other. Evie finds the area of the lady Joe is searching for. Before they take care of to reach their destination, Joe’s motorbike gets taken, exasperating him.

Joe condemns Evie for the same and also divides from her. Both of them divided and go to their individual destinations. Joe finds the female, whose name is Sandra. Despite the fact that Sandra welcomes him to her manor, she drugs him. Evie finds Steven’s cabin empty and also comes to Sandra’s house. Sandra invites her and attempts to medicine her too however Evie understands that she is lying. Evie then saves Joe from Sandra, who develops into a walker when Joe eliminates her with a big knife.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 1 Ending: Do Joe as well as Evie End Up Together?

After obtaining rescued from Sandra, Joe understands that he has actually been living his life incorrect. After fulfilling Evie, Joe views the depths of his isolation and also admits to making a blunder regarding his choice to separate himself.

As well as Evie’s assurance that she is there for him suggests that Joe and Evie might continue to be with each other. Considering that Evie accepts that Steven can not return to her life, she might think about Joe.

Why Does Sandra Try to Kill Joe?

Like Joe, Sandra additionally separated herself from her fellow human beings when the globe became the playground of the walkers. By the time Joe finds her, her paranoia has actually conquered Sandra as she believes that Joe is there to catch her sources from her.

She has actually been assuming that whoever arrives at her mansion wants what she has, consisting of Joe. Therefore, she tries to kill Joe. Sandra most likely had even eliminated a number of individuals prior to Joe fulfills her, as shown by the watch collection she has with her.

Is Steven Dead?

When Joe sets out to locate Sandra, Evie goes to Steven’s cabin. She discovers the cabin door currently opened up with no one inside. She returns to Joe, that asks her concerning Steven.

Regardless of whether Steven is alive or otherwise, Evie learns that he really did not paint any horrendous portraits of her to share his noticeable hatred in the direction of her. The only painting of hers she locates in the cabin is enticing and also gorgeous, one that catches Evie’s elegance as well as elegance, which makes it clear that Steven had painted the exact same with utmost love and adoration in the direction of her and not with disgust, which satisfies what she would like to know.

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