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Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 6 Recap, Ending, Explained

The sixth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Tales of the Walking Dead,’ labelled ‘La Doña,’ complies with Idalia and Eric, who search for a location to leave from the walkers. They end up in your house of La Doña Alma, a healer that reluctantly provides them an evening’s remain at her residence. When unexpected events occur together, Idalia as well as Eric’s partnership worsens and their lives ultimately get intimidated. As numerous mystifying happenings distress the couple, Idalia as well as Eric’s fates get reworded. The frightening episode finishes with numerous ambiguous advancements. Let us assist you if you are attempting to make feeling of the very same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 6 Recap

‘ La Doña’ begins with Idalia directing Eric to your house of Doña Alma, a healer/witch she familiarized around from Maria. Upon getting in the house by themselves, Idalia and also Eric meet Doña Alma, who asks them to leave. Because of Idalia’s demands, she enables the couple to remain at the house for only one night. Eric, nonetheless, questions Doña Alma why they should leave when she has a big house to accommodate the duo. As they combat, Doña Alma all of a sudden passes away from choking something. Eric and also Idalia begin to reside in the house by themselves making use of the therapist’s sources. They also finish up sleeping at the healer’s bed.

While Eric makes use of the new-found deluxe, Idalia starts to fret about whether it is a good idea to stay at a location where a “bruja,” a witch or hag, lived. In the cellar of the residence, Idalia also sees a transformed Maria. When he attempts to open up the gateway to allow Maria to get into the home, Idalia stops him and reminds him just how she is dead as well as exactly how Eric has eliminated her pals.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 6 Ending: Are Doña Alma’s Ghost and also the Walkers Real?
Ever since Doña Alma’s fatality, Idalia starts to see her ghost in and around the house. Along with the same, she also sees numerous pedestrians that include Maria and her friends. Even though she says that she had truly seen them, it can be her creativity. When Maria’s ankle joint obtained damaged when she was coming with Idalia as well as possibly Eric, she gets bitten by walkers, only to get turned. When Maria’s buddies inquired about her, Idalia needed to protect herself as well as Eric killed them when they could not approve Idalia’s account regarding what took place to Maria.

The deaths of Maria as well as her good friends must have developed enormous shame as well as grief in the mind of Idalia, just for the same to obtain enhanced when Doña Alma passes away. In her mind, she directly or indirectly had actually been the factor behind several fatalities, including Doña Alma and also Maria. Such an idea has to have developed visions of the therapist’s ghost and also the pedestrians she “sees” in the cellar of your home. The ghost and walkers can be the hallucinations developed by guilty conscience of Idalia, who believes that she does not have any kind of right to live in Doña Alma’s home and utilize her sources or aid Eric eliminate Maria’s good friends.

Idalia thinks in negative energy as well as she is frightened of the repercussions of her “unfavorable” actions. Thinking about that Eric has shared his life with Idalia ever before since the apocalypse, they should be experiencing from folie à deux, which makes both of them think that they are obtaining affected by the imaginary ghost and also walkers.

Are Idalia as well as Eric Dead or Alive?

When the possible fear dominates the minds of Idalia and Eric, the latter begins to blame the previous. Instantly, the feasible fictional ghost of Doña Alma appears and “drags” them to the basement, which can be the duo pushing each other to the cellar in real. Eric, thinking that Idalia’s mind is creating the ghost and walkers, stabs to eliminate her to put an end to his fear. During the battle, Idalia must have handled to stab Eric to save herself from him also. In among the swan songs of the episode, we see Eric and Idalia laying in the basement instead of obtaining embeded the roots as they “envision.”.

Taking into consideration the stabs Idalia as well as Eric perhaps cause on the various other’s body, they most likely are dead. The episode doesn’t offer any sign that they are alive. The stabs might have paved the way for immense blood loss in both of them, most likely resulting in their fatalities. Because Doña Alma’s residence is separated as well as closed, there isn’t any individual to help them recuperate from the stabs. Their physical problem, if they have actually survived, might not help them to treat themselves also. Thinking about these elements, the couple has to have died.

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