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Talia Ray: Where is Larry Ray Daughter Now?

With ‘Sex, Lies, and the College Cult’ discovering the means a bilker as well as dad brainwashed pupils of the elite Sarah Lawrence College, we obtain a true insight into the dark side of humanity. This Peacock initial documentary makes use of not just first-hand accounts however likewise archival video as well as remarkable recreations to really obtain into the heart of what taken place and also why. Yet, for now, if you just desire to read more concerning the terrible cult leader Larry Ray’s daughter Talia Ray– with a specific concentrate on her existing location– we’ve obtained the information for you.

Who is Talia Ray?

Since Talia was a little lady growing up around New Jersey (as the senior of 2 siblings), she has actually supposedly taken her father’s word as law due to their innate, deep, undeniable connection. This much is actually apparent from the fact she claimed, “their home had poisonous substance in the wall surfaces or in the attic room” when she remained in the second quality just because she had actually heard Larry say so. Then in the midst of her moms and dads’ contentious divorce process in the mid-2000s, the 15-year-old told officials her mommy was both physically along with sexually violent, supposedly at his behest.

As if that’s not nearly enough, once the court officially removed her mommy and also ordered both Talia as well as her then-4-year-old sis Ava to be in her main custodianship for good, the former outrightly rejected. She rather picked to live in neighborhood youth shelters to ensure she might continue supporting her dad no matter what got tossed their method, yet it came with the expense of shedding touch with her brother or sister. However, Talia still always commended Larry and also enabled him to move right into her Sarah Lawrence dormitory house in 2010, where he ultimately began making the most of her friends/roommates.

Where is Talia Ray Now?

While Talia did not live with her daddy by the time he was nailed in very early 2020, she did do so formerly, was reportedly well conscious of his cult, as well as had also often taken part over the years. That’s due to the fact that she ostensibly not only supported however also economically profited from Larry’s overall blatant initiatives, which is seemingly backed by a 2013 e-mail she sent him.

We require to mention that although many think Talia needs to be held simply as accountable as her father, some consider her his “biggest sufferer” considering that she grew up along with him and most likely didn’t know any type of much better. Pertaining to her current standing, from what we can inform, the New Jersey native prefers to maintain her life faraway from the spotlight these days, yet it’s possible she’s based in North Carolina right now. It’s the area where her step-grandfather Gordon Ray stays and also the area she had actually initially started calling home around 2014 after landing a work at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines. Furthermore, according to the last records (2020 ), Talia was a legal assistant at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice in Durham– a post she might still hold today.

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