Tanya Flanders Now: Where is James Flanders’ Wife Today Update

Tanya Flanders Now: Where is James Flanders’ Wife Today Update

NBC News’ ‘Dateline: Secrets on the Emerald Coast’ delves into what occurred to 37-year-old Marie Carlson in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The young mom seemingly vanished right into thin air, just for the authorities to find out she was eliminated during an altercation. James Flanders, a local pastor, at some point admitted to the crime. When the incident took place, he had actually been married to Tanya Flanders, and also the couple remained in a polygamous connection with Marie. If you’re interested to locate out a lot more, right here’s what we recognize.

Who is Tanya Flanders?

Tanya and also James Flanders had taken Marie in and also had aided her with costs and also various other things in the years leading up to her disappearance. When wondered about, Tanya stated that Marie had actually moved in with them in October 2009 and briefly went to Arizona to stay with James’ moms and dads. At the time of Marie’s loss, her child, Grace, was about 3 months old. The papa was James.

During Tanya’s interview with the cops, she asserted that Marie accepted be a surrogate mommy for them. According to her, James and Marie had actually conceived Grace not by artificial insemination but by getting drunk and making love. Tanya included that she was in the area observing. By Thanksgiving 2010, Marie informed her about being expectant. Tanya even more stated that after Grace was born, Marie would be taken out whenever they brought up fostering.

Relating to the day when Marie was believed to have actually gone missing out on, Tanya said that she initially got back from church to discover James in the house and also Marie asleep. In the interview, she mentioned that James told her regarding Marie looking “down.” Later, Tanya took Grace along for some shopping and after that got James from his run. When the couple returned home, they recognized that Marie as well as her automobile were gone. James as well as Tanya got the dubious team message on October 19, 2011.

Where is Tanya Flanders Today?

After Marie’s loss, James, Tanya, as well as Grace abruptly left Florida and moved to Arizona. The investigation after that exposed that James was accountable for Marie’s fatality, and he buried the body in the yard of their Fort Walton Beach home.

As per the program, James insisted that Tanya had nothing to do with Marie’s fatality as well as insisted that she was away with Grace when the occurrence happened. After a lawful battle with Marie’s family, Tanya retained custody of Grace.

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