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TAR Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More

TAR is very popular movie. Which is liked by many people, TAR is an American Drama Movie Director by Todd Field. TAR movie star Cate Blanchett as Noémie Merlant fans are waiting for this Movie. Being a Hollywood movie, people have liked it very much. Produced by Antoine Fuqua. To know more about TAR movie, you stay connected with this article, so that you can know about the release date and cast of TAR movie. You must read the information given below, in this article you can get all the information about TAR Film.

TAR Movie Overview

Movie Name: TAR
Director: Todd Field
TAR Movie Release Date: October 6, 2022
Movie Cast: Cate Blanchett and Noémie Merlant
Genres: Drama
Movie: Hollywood

TAR Movie Release date

TAR is a Drama movie that you can. TAR Movie Release date is October 6, 2022. Which we can see on the OTT platform. You can see all the dialogues of this movie. TAR Movie Main Cast is Cate Blanchett as Noémie Merlant and Luke Macfarlane as Aaron. Cate Blanchett as Noémie Merlant’s fans are liking to watch this movie.

TAR Movie Cast

  • Adam Gopnik
  • Aldrin Poblete
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Alexandra Montag
  • Allan Corduner
  • Alma Löhr
  • An Cerne
  • André Röhner
  • Andreas Jentzsch
  • Artjom Gilz
  • Burkhard Nitsch
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Chalee Sricharoen
  • Christian Höcherl
  • Christoph Tomanek
  • Christopher Lindner
  • Daniel Söhner
  • Dorothea Plans Casal
  • Ed White
  • Egon Brandstetter
  • Fabian Dirr
  • Frank Röth
  • Froilan Japano
  • Han Lai
  • Ian Gallego
  • Jan Wolf
  • Jasmine Leung
  • Jessica Hansen
  • Jevimary de Guia
  • Johann von Bülow
  • Johanne Murdock
  • Joy Villanueva
  • Julian Glover
  • Kenneth Won
  • Kitty Watson
  • Lee R. Sellars
  • Levin Petersen
  • Lucie Pohl
  • Lydia Schamschula
  • Marc-Martin Straub
  • Marie-Anne Fliegel
  • Marie-Lou Sellem
  • Mark Strong
  • Mila Bogojevic
  • Murali Perumal
  • Natalie Ponudic
  • Nicolas Hopchet
  • Nina Hoss
  • Noémie Merlant
  • Normann Höhne
  • Oliver Mills
  • Parami Mingmitpatanakun
  • Pattarawadee Thiwwatpakorn
  • Peter Hering
  • Prapruttam Khumchat
  • Qu Yunrui
  • Rose Knox-Peebles
  • Rucheng Fan
  • Sam Douglas
  • Sarah Bauerett
  • Sarah Martin
  • Songha Choi
  • Sophie Kauer
  • Sven Rothe
  • Sydney Lemmon
  • Sylvia Flote
  • Tilla Kratochwil
  • Vincent Riotta
  • Vivian Full
  • Wenteng Chang
  • Xenia Assenza
  • Ylva Pollak
  • Zethphan D. Smith-Gneist

TAR Movie Trailer

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