Taylor Hurt’s Death: How Did Chopped Chef Die?

Taylor Hurt's Death: How Did Chopped Chef Die?

Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ is a reality-based cooking game reveal in which chefs transform a basket of random active ingredients given to them right into one of the most tasty meals for an opportunity to win $10,000. Followers of this program may be familiar with previous entrant Taylor Hurt, who caught the attention of the whole country with her enthusiasm and special meals. Hence, when a current episode gathered a title card that committed it to her “loving memory,” it became clear that Taylor Hurt passed away. We’re, certainly, distressed to hear about it, however we also can not question however help what transpired. Allow’s find out!

Who Was Taylor Hurt?

At the age of 30, Taylor Hurt appeared to be living her desire. Taylor had even developed many initial dishes and also was successful sufficient to get her work published in the ‘Be Nourished’ cookbook.

When Taylor was on ‘Chopped,’ she, sadly, really did not win. She did intrigue the food neighborhood with her scrumptious three-course dishes as well as their brilliant presentation. Her productive life, however, was short-lived as she passed away on November 29, 2020. As per her obituary, her most significant objective was to, one day, celebrity in an extremely acclaimed cooking program, as well as she did that on her very own. Taylor is survived by her caring parents Gary and also Luvith Hurt, Del Sanders, Kay Cameron, and sis Vivian Hurt. Her girlfriend at the time was Paige Pirtle, who still bears in mind and also misses her.

How Did Taylor Hurt Die?

Since right now, a cause for Taylor Hurt’s death has actually not been made public, as well as neither her household nor her partner has spoken up about it. The cooking collection was the only confirmation for numerous concerning her demise. A few hypothesized on why Taylor had not been energetic on her social media profiles, but nobody ever before imagined that her passing away would be the sole factor. The last article on her Instagram account is dated November 19, 2020, specifically 10 days prior to her unforeseen parting from this world. It advertises both her occupation and also Chef Katie Dixon’s recipe book ‘Be Nourished.’

With all that stated, Brandi Emmons Lott on Facebook recently made an article that suggested that Taylor may have succumbed to some type of addiction. Her subtitle said, “It was absolutely a blessing to get to see you once again Taylor M. Hurt. You looked so confident on Chopped and also I am so happy with you! Addiction is a dreadful thief!! We love you big Tater!!” From what we can tell, Brandi is a Mississippi indigenous too, yet we can not validate if she understood Taylor or anything regarding what occurred personally. Up until Taylor’s household discloses any information, if ever, speculation is all we have.

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